Why H2O and carbs are cycling essentials

April 13, 2015 - Essential Water

Without adequate fluids on board, we are during nonessential risk for dehydration, revoke training power and feverishness illness.
Without adequate fluids on board, we are during nonessential risk for dehydration, revoke training power and feverishness illness.

In a competition of cycling, it is essential to be wakeful of a significance of correct nourishment and hydration. If we slight this aspect of your training programme, afterwards we are self-imposing an nonessential tying factor.


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Not carrying a right fuel on house is same to attack a highway with your tyres not being pumped with atmosphere – but it, we will finish adult deflated on a side of a highway with no float home.

Cycling is an heated and downright activity, so we need to eat a right dishes in a right amounts and during a right time to equivocate injuries, a compromised defence system, and delayed liberation from training.


The many critical nutritious for a cyclist is water. Without adequate fluids on board, we are during nonessential risk for dehydration, revoke training power and feverishness illness.

Even a 1pc-2pc dump in hydration will impact your performance. Your blood volume will reduce, your ability to say a protected core heat will reduce, and a volume of oxygen pumped to your operative muscles will be reduced.

Aim to splash during slightest 2-3 litres of H2O a day and even some-more on your training days. To safeguard optimal hydration, splash an additional 150ml or so for each 15 mins we are sweating on a bike. Pay additional courtesy to your H2O intake on prohibited days when we persperate more.

If we are a “salty sweater” and remove high amounts of salt by your sweat, afterwards we should reinstate both mislaid fluids and electrolytes by eating tainted dishes or celebration fluids that enclose sodium to equivocate flesh cramps, quite in comfortable weather.

Monitor your glass intake during your cycle instead of holding a “just splash as most as possible” proceed and have no some-more than 800ml per hour to forestall over-hydration.


When conceptualizing a diet for sports performance, it should supply a compulsory macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in adequate amounts for optimal health, flesh maintenance, correct and growth. Food should be a primary pushing car for these nutrients.

While there is a time and place for sports supplements, they’re really not a be all of sports nutrition. Eat genuine food initial and foremost. Your health will increase, your opening will improve, and you’ll save yourself a sire or three.

Carbohydrates are a cyclist’s best crony and a body’s categorical appetite source during high-intensity activities such as cycling. Eat a carbohydrate abounding dish 2-3 hours before your cycle. Good carbohydrate choices embody pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, fruit and breakfast cereals.

The physique has a singular carbohydrate haven (unlike fats and protein), so if we are attack a highway for 90 mins or more, afterwards we should also devour carbohydrates during your cycle to maximize earthy opening and to equivocate mental fatigue.

Consume about 60g of glass or plain carbohydrates each hour to forestall “hitting a wall”. This volume of carbohydrate can be found in 800ml of sports drink, dual vast bananas, or dual cereal bars. You can brew and compare your carbohydrate sources.

While protein is not a categorical source of fuel for cyclists, it is a elementary building retard for a bodies and it is essential to eat protein with each dish to accommodate opening and liberation demands.

Without adequate amounts of protein in your diet, we are putting yourself during risk of flesh breakdown, bad recovery, a compromised defence complement and bad health in general.

Good sources of protein include: gaunt meats such as belligerent beef, chicken, and turkey, fish such as salmon, tuna, and cod, eggs, low-fat healthy dairy such as lodge cheese and Greek yogurt, and beans, peas and legumes.

Supplemental protein during practice can also revoke flesh damage, so cruise immoderate tiny amounts of protein during your cycle also. A good peculiarity whey protein powder can come in accessible here.


For a cyclist, carbohydrates should be consumed post examination to maximize restocking of flesh fuel stores with glycogen – a form of glucose stored in a physique for fuel. A portion of carbohydrates (2-3 cupped handfuls) is best consumed within 30 mins after practice for optimal glycogen resynthesis.

Another tiny portion (1-2 cupped handfuls) should be consumed each dual hours for 4-6 hours after, as it takes about 4 hours for carbohydrates to be eaten and stored in a body.

Adding a tiny protein source to a carbohydrate helps to foster larger glycogen resynthesis.

Within a 30 notation window post exercise, elementary carbohydrates are a good choice, such as sports drinks, cereal bars, and fruit juices. In a successive hours, a best sources of dietary carbohydrates are formidable carbohydrates such as whole grains, potatoes, rice, oats, vegetables and fruit.

Karen will be vocalization during a Irish Cyling Show being hold in a RDS on Apr 18-19. Karen is a personal tutor and runs online nourishment and fat detriment programmes. See www.thenutcoach.com or email karen@thenutcoach.com

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