Wetland plants have a healthy beauty and will attract wildlife: Far from bog-standard!

June 11, 2017 - Essential Water

  • Water creates a desirable underline in roughly any garden
  • But a excellent environment will move even larger beauty  
  • Wetland plants have sold beauty 

Nigel Colborn for a Daily Mail


Water creates a desirable underline in roughly any garden. But a excellent environment will move even larger beauty. If a well-planted swamp comes adult to a pool corner and reflects on a surface, that stage is perfected. 

Wetland plants have sold beauty. Visit Beth Chatto’s pleasing Water­ ­Garden in Essex, or a drifts of Asiatic primulas during RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire, and you’ll see what we mean. 

And carrying lived by a slowflowing Fenland river, we can assure we that nature’s waterside wetlands are usually as pretty. Bog gardens can be any size. You can modify low-lying or feeble emptied belligerent into one. 

Delightful: Water-loving plants such as bulrushes demeanour considerable beside ponds

Delightful: Water-loving plants such as bulrushes demeanour considerable beside ponds

Or we can rise a miniwetland by negligence drainage. While a pool isn’t essential, H2O will give a pattern a healthy look. Water also changes a light, creation a underline some-more beautiful. 

Wildlife advantages from wellchosen vegetation, too. If you’ve ever seen a sprite yield from a water, strip a skin and turn a dragonfly, you’ll know you’ve got it right. 


Natural bogs have a high H2O list or bad drainage. You can impersonate that in a garden by laying a water-obstructing aspect next a topsoil. But a aim is to bushel drainage, rather than emanate a low quagmire. 

Dig divided topsoil from your selected area to emanate a dishshaped basin as far-reaching as we like and adult to 30cm deep. Heavy black polythene is excellent for a membrane. It doesn’t have to be entirely waterproof, though contingency block drainage. 

Line your shoal hole, remembering to lift a edges of a cosmetic all round. The aspect should be turn adequate to reason H2O behind over a whole area. 

Back-fill, creation certain a lifted edges of a aspect are buried usually next a dirt surface. You can soak your new swamp with a hose to see how damp it keeps, or wait for rain. Plant adult as shortly as we like. 

If you’ve dripping a ground, you’ll be operative in mud. But a swamp plants will settle quickly and demeanour poetic within a few weeks. Most swamp plants are robust, so plant sparsely. 

Among grassy types, Bowles’ Golden Sedge is poetic contrasted with a purple of Iris Gerald Darby. Smaller grassy plants embody swamp cotton, Eriophorum, that is happy in or out of water, and Japanese rush, Acorus gramineus. 


Big plants with lofty flowers embody Ligularia dentata Desdemona, whose orange daisies seem above big, dull leaves, and amberflushed Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow. 

Try resisting those with red Lobelia cardinalis. In tiny spaces, equivocate violent plants. Bulrushes, local yellow dwindle irises and high sedges are handsome, though horribly invasive. 

Rodgersia and Darmera are fabulous, too, though usually for large-scale planting. For smaller-scale bogs, there are poetic local flowers. Lilacmauve cuckoo flower, husky robin, H2O forget-me-not and aristocrat cups all make good swamp plants. They’re easy to control. 

You can also plant wetland orchids. In a damp section in my garden, we grow drifts of Dactylorhiza x grandis — a healthy cranky between dual furious British orchids. The 40cm high purple spires are definitely inspiring.

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