Water workers in 24-hour strike wait Fair Work Commission conference in Broken Hill

February 5, 2016 - Essential Water


Feb 05, 2016 11:15:47

Essential Water staff stop work for 24 hours.

Staff during Essential Water have walked off a pursuit after an industrial brawl that’s dragged on for roughly 3 years. (ABC News: Sofie Wainwright)

Almost all staff during a H2O provider for Broken Hill in distant west New South Wales have walked off a job, after roughly 3 years of unsuccessful negotiations.

The 24-hour strike during Essential Water began on Thursday and involves all 4 unions represented during a company.

It outlines a initial time so many workers have stopped work for a 24-hour period, nonetheless opposite forms of industrial movement has been ongoing for roughly 6 months.

The brawl has come down to unions refusing to accept Essential Water’s pull to top payouts for intentional redundancies during 52 weeks.

Employee Shaun Bedford, a member of a Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), pronounced he hoped a ramped-up movement would make a difference.

“We’re all in a same boat, and we all have to sojourn together,” he said.

“We’re all out for any other now, and a company’s not going to demeanour after us anymore by a looks of it.”

Another workman and AMWU member, David O’Neill, pronounced a joined movement was a final resort.

“People are not happy doing it since they don’t wish to go on strike to start with, we only wish this emanate resolved,” Mr O’Neill said.

Workers have concluded to go behind to work during midday on Friday.

“We really do not wish to harm a residents of Broken Hill. We are residents of Broken Hill so it all affects us too.”

The company’s ubiquitous manager Luke Jenner pronounced a skeleton organisation would sojourn during Essential’s seminar as a outcome of an agreement between a H2O provider and a unions.

“We’ve got strait skeleton in place to safeguard a industrial movement that’s holding place during a impulse will have minimal impact on a communities that we support in Broken Hill, though we do support a rights of a unions to take industrial action,” he said.

Fair Work commissioner to come to Broken Hill

Union member David O'Neil during a 24-hour stop work assembly of Essential Water staff.

David O’Neill, a member of a Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, during a stop work assembly of Essential Water staff in Broken Hill. (ABC News: Sofie Wainwright)

Employees have concluded a strike will be a final industrial movement taken until a Fair Work commissioner comes to a segment after this month.

A conciliation assembly between unions and Essential Water before commissioner Michelle Bissett has been scheduled for Feb 22.

Local CFMEU arch Greg Braes pronounced a commissioner’s participation would be symbolic, as good as charity a intensity for a resolution.

“I consider it’s display joining to Broken Hill, we consider it’s display joining to members of all a unions and all a Essential Water people, since I’m certain a commissioners are really busy,” he said.

Mr Jenner pronounced a association had not perceived a grave presentation from a commission, though pronounced he would safeguard a association was represented during any meeting.

But he pronounced Essential would not be changing a terms of a offer.

“At a final meeting, that was several weeks ago, we put brazen an extended offer in an bid to try and interpretation an agreement with a unions,” Mr Jenner said.

“We’ll indeed be looking for a unions to put brazen an offer to us to uncover what they consider we can do collectively to strech a common agreement.”








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