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May 11, 2018 - Essential Water

Valley of a Moon Water District is committed to providing affordable, protected and arguable H2O to a customers.

Unfortunately, not all Californians are as lucky. There are those in small, disadvantaged farming communities who might not have entrance to protected celebration water. While we energetically support protected celebration H2O for all Californians, a latest offer by Gov. Brown to levy a new state taxation on H2O is an inapt resolution to a problem that contingency be solved.

The Brown Administration is perplexing to trip a H2O taxation by a State Legislature, around a trailer bill. While California needs to take a care purpose in elucidate this problem, a infancy of Californians do not trust that fatiguing life-essential celebration H2O creates sense.


The cost of vital in California is already one of a top in a republic and adding a H2O taxation would usually expostulate a cost of vital higher.

Taxing H2O works opposite a idea of gripping H2O affordable.

Drinking H2O is essential to life and a open does not support fatiguing life essentials.

The Brown Administration is attempting to dress existent taxation laws that need a two-thirds super-majority by both houses by job this a “fee” instead of a tax.

Legislation could set a fashion and open a doorway to additional H2O taxes in a future.

No other state in a republic taxes a celebration water.

There is a improved approach. Valley of a Moon Water District believes that a package of supports comprised of ongoing sovereign protected celebration H2O funds, voter authorized ubiquitous requirement holds (two H2O bond proposals on a list subsequent year upheld by Valley of a Moon Water District and Association of California Water Agencies), due assessments relating to nitrates in belligerent water, and state ubiquitous supports already collected by a state creates a many sense. This appropriation package is a distant some-more unsentimental approach to assure protected celebration is accessible to all Californians, but burdening them with additional taxation.

Valley of a Moon Water District recognizes a need to keep costs as low as probable for a customers. We do not wish to be forced into apropos a taxation gourmet for a state.

If we trust that fatiguing H2O is wrong, afterwards greatfully join Valley of a Moon Water District in hostile a celebration H2O taxation and let your state legislators know!

Jon L. Foreman is President of a Board of a Valley of a Moon Water District.

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