Treating greasy water: Efficiency exceeds mandate 10 times

March 25, 2018 - Essential Water

Although a regulations somewhat change from nation to country, especially in Europe and America oil liberate in H2O contingency accommodate 5mg/L for discharges to aspect H2O drains and a H2O environment. Although sea life can tarry this grade of pollution, a oil products pass into organisms inspiring their health and transferring poisonous substances serve into ecosystem.

“After diagnosis with a record a wastewater from oil industries expelled into a sea not usually meets authorised requirements, though is probably clean,” says Associate Professor Viktoras Račys, researcher during KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology.

Biological wastewater diagnosis record grown during KTU employs microorganisms, that can adjust to certain sourroundings and synthesize ferments to “digest” oil products branch them into CO2 and H2O. The record has been successfully implemented in Lithuanian oil send association Klaipėdos Nafta. At a moment, it is being mutated to be used in other areas of activity potentially connected to organic contamination, such as food, chemical, rural prolongation industries.

According to KTU researcher, a essential plea is to safeguard a fortitude of microorganisms used for H2O diagnosis technology: it is really formidable to favour them and really easy to lose.

“Our tip is that we have found out a approach of gripping those microorganisms in a system, so they don’t leave. Thanks to this, a record is really fast and really reliable, fundamentally indestructible,” says Viktoras Račys.

The now operative KTU-invented record cleans 160 m3 per hour. It is prepared to use in supportive environmental regions, for a diagnosis of oil prolongation and refinery wastewater, counterbalance water, a run-off from automobile washes and automobile parks and any petroleum soiled wastewaters containing both legally regulated compounds and a many poisonous or determined compounds.

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