Strayer letter: ‘Nothing some-more essential’ than protected celebration water

August 8, 2015 - Essential Water

Posted: Sunday, Aug 2, 2015 5:00 am

Strayer letter: ‘Nothing some-more essential’ than protected celebration water


Dear Editor,

On Tuesday during a Laramie City Council meeting, a offer for a new residential growth on a skill of Mountain West Farm Bureau will be authorized or denied by a council. This skill is located easterly of Grand Avenue, north of Interstate 80. The growth will, if approved, include of acreages that would count on septic tanks for rubbish disposal. A recommendation that a growth be connected to a Laramie city sewage complement has been finished though not acted on.

This area is within a Casper Aquifer Protection Zone. This section was tangible by a Laramie City Council and a Albany County Commissioners several years ago to strengthen this vital source of Laramie’s water. There have been other residential developments in a insurance zone, including Sherman Hills, that count on septic systems for rubbish disposal. Those were already in growth when a section was dynamic and grandfathered in.

The Casper Aquifer is now being soiled by nitrates from a existent septic complement use in these developments. This has been dynamic by monitoring wells along Laramie’s easterly boundary. Some of these formula prove a nitrate wickedness has reached, or is approaching, a poisonous turn for tellurian consumption. Prolonged expenditure of nitrates during these levels are quite dangerous to profound women and children.

We residents of Laramie should all be endangered about a reserve of a celebration water. There is an event here for us to tell a City Council we do not wish any some-more wickedness of a H2O supply. This can be finished before to or during a City Council assembly during 6:30 p.m. Tuesday during City Hall, 406 Ivinson St. Call or pronounce to them directly during a meeting. Demand each step probable be taken to protection a reserve of a H2O supply. There is zero some-more essential for a village than a protected H2O source.

City Council members are Dave Paulekas, 742-7687; Jayne Pearce, 742-0393; Klaus Hanson, 745-4982; Vicki Henry, 760-9518; Andrea Summerville, 399-0964; Joe Vitale, 745-3426; Joe Shumway, 742-9951; Paul Weaver, 742-2471; and Bryan Shuster, 745-8828.

Bob Strayer



Sunday, Aug 2, 2015 5:00 am.

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