Southern villages asked to extent H2O use

April 22, 2017 - Essential Water

Southern Guam residents are being asked to preserve H2O by this weekend since of problems during a Ugum H2O diagnosis plant.

The Guam Waterworks Authority pronounced a following areas are being asked to extent their use to usually “essential H2O uses”: Ipan, Talofofo, Malojloj, Inarajan, Merizo and Umatac.

Customers in these areas can continue to have water, though they’re asked to usually use it for necessities since of “ongoing work during a Ugum H2O diagnosis plant,” pronounced Miguel Bordallo, GWA ubiquitous manager.

“GWA is requesting southern encampment residents to preserve H2O by a weekend,” Bordallo continued.

“We conclude a public’s calm while we work to solve a ongoing issues during a plant,” Bordallo said.

The issues during Ugum weren’t specified.


GWA final year settled it would build a 2-million gallon, reinforced petrify H2O tank to urge H2O supply trustworthiness and H2O vigour in southern villages.

The Ugum H2O tank would also store H2O for rise direct for southern villages.

The finished petrify H2O tank would be a solitary source of finished H2O for many of a southern H2O system.

The stream tank indispensable to be refurbish, according to GWA.

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