So, California Is Considering Taxing Drinking Water

August 28, 2017 - Essential Water

So, in a land of progressivism that is a state of California, a legislature could be commanding a taxation on celebration H2O directed during repair a state’s open H2O works. It will be 95¢ a month that is projected to beget $2 billion in income over a subsequent 15 years. Surprisingly environmentalists and farmers have fake an fondness on this issue. The farmers wish infested H2O spotless due to a runoff from their farms. Farms will face fees that will sum $30 million in income annually to assistance with a indispensable repairs. This is still going to be a quarrel in a state legislature, however. And a H2O companies don’t seem too penetrating on apropos a state’s taxation gourmet on this issue. Kate Murphy of The Mercury News has all a details about this new measure:

Senate Bill 623, corroborated by a strange-bedfellows bloc of a farming run and environmental groups though opposite by H2O districts, would beget $2 billion over a subsequent 15 years to purify adult infested groundwater and urge inadequate H2O systems and wells. The problem is many pervasive in farming areas with farming runoff.


SB 623 has been relocating by a Legislature for months, though was nice Monday to embody a taxation on H2O for both homes and businesses. It also imposes fees on farms and dairies, roughly $30 million annually, to residence some of a decay caused by fertilizers and other chemicals. Because it includes new taxes, a offer will need a two-thirds opinion in any residence to pass, that supporters concur will be a battle.


…water agencies contend fatiguing celebration H2O sets a dangerous fashion and that a check would spin them into state taxation collectors. “Water is essential to life. Should we taxation celebration water? We don’t consider so,” pronounced Cindy Tuck, a mouthpiece for a Association of California Water Agencies.

Sue Stephenson, a mouthpiece for a Dublin San Ramon Services District, pronounced she upheld a vigilant of a offer — beverage celebration H2O for all — though argued that lawmakers should use a income in existent coffers.

“The whole purpose of a ubiquitous account is to assistance take caring of disadvantaged communities,” she said. “There’s no reason that they could not also account communities that need entrance to celebration water.”



What is it? SB 623, by Sen. Bill Monning, D-Monterey, would beget $2 billion over 15 years for a Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, that would yield puncture H2O and longer-term complement fixes for hundreds of communities whose daub H2O doesn’t accommodate protected drinking-water standards.

Where would a income come from? The offer would beget roughly $110 million per year by a 95-cent monthly price on home H2O bills as good as taxes on businesses of adult to $10 per month. Another $30 million would come from aloft fees on farming and dairy businesses, industries whose chemicals minister to a problem of infested groundwater.

Who’s for it? Who’s opposite it? The check is corroborated by a cultivation and dairy lobbies, as good as by a prolonged list of environmental, amicable probity and county groups — an surprising combo. Water districts are opposite a bill, observant that fatiguing H2O users creates a bad fashion and that collecting a income would be burdensome.

So, what isn’t taxed in California?

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