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October 20, 2017 - Essential Water

  • This can occur given SAWS maintains a healthy complement that provides all H2O needed. Photo: TRACY HOBSON LEHMANN /SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS / TLEHMANN@EXPRESS-NEWS.NET



Below your feet — no matter where we are in a city — are miles and miles of a dark circulatory complement that breathes life into this good city of ours. More than 12,000 miles, to be approximate.

It is an endless and difficult complement that delivers safe, purify H2O to a homes, a businesses, a schools with a elementary spin of a tap. And with a elementary flush, that complement is also tasked with directing a used H2O to comforts that recycle all a byproducts with scarcely 0 waste.

Think of it as a circulatory system, usually like a one we all have pumping blood to a heart while carrying divided rubbish products to keep us healthy. That is radically what a infrastructure of H2O and cesspool mains do 24/7 for 1.8 million residents.

Our due San Antonio Water System check for 2018 is a back-to-basics check that keeps a complement using as optimally as possible. The due 5.8 percent adjustment, that requires capitulation from a SAWS house and City Council, would change a normal monthly residential check by $3.45 ($62.24 to $65.69). Also enclosed in a rate offer is a endorsed composition in 2019 for 4.7 percent to concede multiyear H2O and cesspool projects to swell but interruption.

The additional income would concede SAWS to reinstate aging vicious systems via a city. For example, in 2018, $29 million would account SAWS H2O and cesspool improvements being done in and with area travel projects saved by a city’s bond program, such as a West Commerce mezzanine from Frio Road to Colorado Street.

Revenue from a composition also would fund:

Sewer improvements, including a apportionment of some-more than $1 billion indispensable to correct and reinstate aging cesspool infrastructure to accommodate U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates.

Water smoothness upgrades, including $41.2 million in reconstruction of essential H2O siphon stations and other associated infrastructure to safeguard arguable H2O service.

Water supply projects such as a large H2O tube on a West Side to discharge H2O from H2Oaks, a state-of-the-art trickery in south Bexar County that produces H2O from 3 sources, including 12 million gallons a day from a new desalination plant.

Deferring these indispensable repairs and upgrades usually creates a complement some-more exposed to leaks and categorical breaks that miscarry use and minister to H2O loss. Having achieved a top bond rating in SAWS story — AA+ — due to mercantile responsibility, SAWS can make these repairs during today’s prices.

In looking to a future, a due 2018 check includes vital record upgrades such as a commander wireless scale reading program. These vicious investments also are in line with a city’s SA Tomorrow plan, that guides a city toward smart, tolerable expansion as San Antonio’s race is approaching to boost by 1 million people by 2040.

Having pronounced that, we are supportive to a stream customers, generally those on bound incomes or vital next or nearby a misery line. Through vital door-to-door outreach, SAWS has increasing enrollment in a Affordability Discount Program by 33 percent given 2015, and a check for that module has been increasing by some-more than $1 million to safeguard all business have entrance to a life-sustaining services. In 2018, business enrolled in a program, that now includes some-more than 25,000 households, could accept a limit bonus of $24, adult from $21.40.

Our city deserves a many reliable, cost-effective infrastructure — both H2O and wastewater — for currently and a future. As people and a community, we are usually as clever and healthy as a circulatory systems operative usually next a surface.

Berto Guerra is authority of a San Antonio Water System house of trustees. SAWS rates are scheduled for a opinion during a Nov. 7 SAWS house assembly and during City Council on Nov. 9.

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