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January 23, 2017 - Essential Water

City Requests Further Curtailment as Shortage Intensifies

Water Emergency Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe City of Santa Cruz has announced a internal puncture currently for indemnification caused to City infrastructure during new storms, as crews work uninterrupted to correct a shop-worn H2O pipeline. In sequence to safeguard a City maintains adequate H2O pot while a siren is being repaired, ALL City of Santa Cruz H2O users are urged to raise their H2O curtailment efforts.

On Monday, Jan 9, Santa Cruz H2O officials urged a village to cut behind non-essential H2O use by thirty percent. Water use on Monday was 5.7 million gallons. On Tuesday H2O use forsaken to 5.3 million gallons interjection to patron efforts. However, a City was usually means to furnish 4.8 million gallons of water, that enclosed 1.1 million gallons of H2O alien from Soquel Creek Water District. Water from Santa Cruz storage tanks was tapped to fill a gap, with usually sixteen million gallons of H2O remaining in storage. Unfortunately, a initial correct try on Tuesday was catastrophic and some-more curtailment is compulsory as correct work continues.

Water Emergency Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comCity officials are really grateful to residents for a curtailment swell done and acknowledge that saving additional H2O during this time of year is challenging. “Santa Cruz residents know and honour a exposed inlet of their H2O supply,” pronounced City Manager Martin Bernal, “we know that it’s a lot to ask them to do some-more to save water, quite during this time of year when there are not a lot of non-essential uses of water.”

Out of an contentment of caution, H2O officials strongly titillate residents to feature their H2O curtailment efforts for a subsequent several days to a week. Repair work is intensely severe due to a weather, turf and conditions in a area of a shop-worn pipeline, and might boost a time expected to totally revive a system. In a meantime, H2O business are requested to take a following actions:

  • Less visit showers/baths
  • When showering, close off upsurge when lathering
  • Flush a toilet usually when necessary
  • Postpone laundry
  • Use paper plates instead of soaking dishes
  • Warm H2O on a stove instead of using it to get hot
  • No outside H2O uses of any kind

The City will closely guard patron use in a subsequent 24-48 hours and establish if additional curtailment measures are required. City officials are carefree that H2O business will cut H2O use and City H2O sources are means to come behind online soon. If those measures are unsuccessful, additional curtailment actions might be required, including proxy closure of businesses and schools.

Information on a standing of a H2O necessity can be found on a City’s website during, along with ways that business can revoke H2O use. The webpage will be updated frequently.


The Santa Cruz Water Department daily serves H2O to 96,000 customers, processes 6-8 million gallons of H2O per day, manages 4,000 acres of watershed lands, oversees 300 miles of placement lines, runs a state-certified H2O peculiarity laboratory, and provides summer distraction activities during a Loch Lomond Reservoir and Recreation Area.

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