Safe H2O is essential, though is a H2O taxation essential?

May 24, 2018 - Essential Water

Today, some-more than 3.5 million tiny businesses in a state of California – some-more than in any other state in a republic – comment for 98 percent of all businesses. That means, some-more than 6.5 million Californians and their families count on a tiny business for their financial wellbeing. The contributions that tiny businesses make to a $2.6 trillion economy in a state can't be overstated; they are truly a lifeblood of a fifth largest economy in a world.

The normal tiny business in California has 5.8 employees, all of whom mostly wear many hats during a day to make ends accommodate – including sales, operations, tellurian resources, finances, authorised and more.  The list is endless. Small businesses have fewer resources or employees to make a voices listened and reduction ability than incomparable companies to adjust to new fees, taxes and regulations.  

That’s because 5 Sacramento area chambers of commerce (Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Roseville and a El Dorado County Joint Chamber Commission) shaped a United Chamber Advocacy Network (UCAN) to be that clever voice for a really singular concerns of tiny business owners.

The initial sequence of business UCAN undertook was to consult members on a tip issues impacting their businesses and, to no one’s surprise, an strenuous 73 percent reported taxes as their primary concern.

As tiny business owners, when a problem arises, we can’t simply repair it by lifting a prices. If we did, we’d remove customers. This is a mindset that UCAN hopes to move to Sacramento. Raising taxes is frequency a best solution.

A box in point: While a immeasurable infancy of Californians have entrance to protected celebration water, a Brown Administration check trailer check proposes to emanate a new taxation on celebration H2O in sequence to boost H2O confidence in essentially rural, disadvantaged communities now lacking protected water. The taxation would be paid by residences and businesses with a normal business H2O check augmenting by $10 per month. The taxation would beget about $110 million a year, along with another $30 million in a form of fees on manure and dairy products.

By all means, providing protected celebration H2O to each Californian is a poignant open health emanate that contingency be resolved. However, we trust that focused courtesy should initial be practical by a state’s leaders to investigate and brand alternatives to a H2O tax.

UCAN recently assimilated with some-more than 150 other businesses, chambers of commerce and H2O agencies to instead demeanour to existent appropriation sources to residence this apocalyptic need. This appropriation package is comprised of ongoing sovereign protected celebration H2O funds, voter-approved ubiquitous requirement bond funds, assessments associated to nitrates in groundwater and a singular volume of state ubiquitous account dollars.

Other alternatives have been suggested, including a origination of an incorrigible trust that would use a one-time investment to beget ongoing revenues in perpetuation to deposit in protected celebration H2O entrance for communities in need. In June, California electorate will confirm on Proposition 68 (Parks, Environment and Water Bond), that could be another source of funding, as good as Cap and Trade funds.

Small business owners face a fusillade of hurdles and issues on a daily basement and solve them with a existent resources during hand. This same principal can positively be practical in Sacramento. Yes, each Californian positively deserves entrance to protected celebration H2O and with a small skill and resourcefulness it can be finished within a means and utilizing existent appropriation sources –not by implementing a H2O tax.

Angi Perry is a boss and CEO of a Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce.

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