Reading Water Department receives MassDEP Public Water System Awards

May 10, 2018 - Essential Water

BOSTON – In approval of National Drinking Water Week, a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) yesterday announced a 71 recipients of a annual Public Water Systems Award during a rite during a Massachusetts State House. Each year, MassDEP honors a state’s many dedicated celebration H2O professionals, while acknowledging certain notable accomplishments that engage glorious H2O use to a public.

Reading was one of 10 municipalities that won an endowment as one of communities that accept some or all of a H2O from one or some-more indiscriminate open H2O systems.

These village H2O systems all have glorious correspondence with state and sovereign celebration H2O regulations. Not usually do they have finish correspondence with regulations for calendar year 2017, they also have had no violations in a past 5 years. These systems have left over correspondence by contrast for delegate contaminants and by carrying adequate capacity. Systems that have won for 3 uninterrupted years are not eligible, though are released a minute of commendation.

Reading was one of 3 H2O suppliers to obtain a Star L Award for Systems Taking Action to Reduce Lead (STAR L) Award is given to systems that take movement to revoke lead in propagandize celebration H2O and do so with intensely enlivening results. The endowment is given to both a H2O supply complement and a propagandize district.

Reading took a active position in regards to ked in a schools celebration H2O contrast some-more mostly than compulsory and gripping led levels next a standards.

In further Erik Mysliwy, a Water Quality and Supply Coordinator for a Department of Public Works Water Division was presengted one of dual Distinguished Operatord awards. He has stewarded mixed award-winning programs for H2O contrast and quality, complement performance, and safety. He creates certain a water, facilities, and propagandize departments speak with city government to foster H2O peculiarity within a town. He also partners with MassDEP and others to rise and control trainings on timely issues, and takes an active purpose in deliberating issues with MassDEP that might impact operators opposite a H2O supply field.

“The Commonwealth requires a H2O systems to broach safe, purify celebration water, and any of a 776 systems has answered a call with model use again and again,” pronounced Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The Baker-Polito Administration is unapproachable to applaud a accomplishments of this year’s name organisation of celebration H2O professionals whose accomplishments in this margin rises above a already perfectionist work and warranted this special merit.”

“Massachusetts residents and businesses are advantageous to have so many superb open H2O systems that mix to perform a critical essential service,” pronounced MassDEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg. “There are many good open H2O systems that contention a correct reports and critical exam formula in a timely way. But we have dynamic that these systems merit special approval and admiration currently for their glorious use to a public.”

May 6-12, 2018 is “National Drinking Water Week,” a time to commend a significance of source-water protection, H2O peculiarity and conservation, as good as a value, significance and infirmity of a Commonwealth’s H2O resources. MassDEP works with celebration H2O utilities to make certain that a H2O delivered to consumers meets all sovereign and state standards and is purify and abundant. The tasks confronting open H2O systems continue to be intensely challenging. The celebration H2O infrastructure in many communities is aging and presents daunting apparatus demands. The republic continues to be challenged by new and rising celebration H2O contaminants compared with an industrial society.

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