Protection of Waqf land of Shahi Masjid is some-more essential than H2O harvesting

April 22, 2016 - Essential Water

Minority Welfare officials are perplexing to get into a good books of supervision by announcing intrigue compared to collect of wudu H2O in Shahi Masjid Public Garden however Minority Welfare Department is in no approach endangered for a 3361 sqyds land of Shahi Masjid that is assigned by Horticulture Department. A proxy church has also been assembled on this. Preservation of 3361 sqyds Waqf land, that has been cordoned off by horticulture dialect is distant some-more essential than H2O harvesting.

Minority Department is not meddlesome in a dilapidating roof of chronological Makkah Masjid, salaries of staff and home guards of Makkah Masjid and Shahi Masjid, non-payment of salaries of staff of Urdu Academy Computer Centres for 3 months.

Secretary Minority Welfare and persons compared with Shahi Masjid are good wakeful of a contribution though they have confirmed rapist overpower on a bootleg occupation. No one is meddlesome in restoring a 3361 sqyds Waqf land.

It contingency be remarkable that supervision is not confident with a opening of Minority Welfare dialect hence it has announced to launch H2O harvesting plan to greatfully a government.

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