President Trump’s Opening Salvos on Clean Water—and Other Public Health Safeguards

March 4, 2017 - Essential Water

Earlier this week, we listened dual things from President Trump about purify water. In his residence to a corner event of Congress on Tuesday night, he talked about safeguarding and ensuring purify water. That’s an critical idea and one broadly common by a American public.

But a day earlier, he sealed an Executive Order (EO) to get absolved of a sequence that would indeed assistance keep H2O clean. And dual weeks before that, he signed off on a congressional movement that rolled behind a sequence tying a spark mining attention from transfer mining rubbish in streams and waterways. There’s some critical cognitive cacophony going on here.

Like purify water?

Rhetorical question. Everyone recognizes a essential purpose that purify H2O plays in safeguarding and compelling tellurian health, along with a health of a ecosystems that means a wildlife and uphold a suggestion when we swim, fish, stroll, or just plain gawk and take it all in. President Trump’s remarks before Congress and a observation open advise agreement—at slightest in principle.

Yet, days before creation these remarks, he released an Executive Order (EO) directing Scott Pruitt’s EPA to start of a routine of rescinding law destined during preventing H2O wickedness in tiny streams, headwaters, and wetlands. In his words, “With today’s executive order, I’m directing a EPA to take action, paving a approach for a rejecting of this really mortal and terrible rule.”

We’re not articulate puddles here, yet that’s a crafty device for a regulation’s detractors. These bodies of H2O feed into incomparable ones downstream, so gripping them purify and pollution-free is only common sense. And a peer-reviewed science supports what seems intuitively obvious.

Politics trumping scholarship and open health?

The supposed Waters of a United States (WOTUS) sequence was not only some new and capricious regulation. It was a carefully deliberate clarification of a forms of H2O theme to EPA insurance underneath a Clean Water Act, stirred by a Supreme Court preference and some really plain science. Now H2O underneath a bridge, so to speak, given a Administration seems focussed on dismantling and undermining a really open health and environmental protections Congress compulsory when it enacted a Clean Water Act in 1972.

This latest attack on science-based law should give us good pause. It’s another worrisome vigilance that politics and attention change could trump a open seductiveness when it comes to open health and environmental safeguards. It follows an EO during a finish of Jan that destined sovereign agencies to brand for rejecting dual regulations for each new one they competence propose.

These efforts don’t get absolved of ‘unnecessary’ protections. They can indeed make us reduction safe, reduction healthy, and are formed on a fake premise—that we contingency select between a health and reserve and mercantile growth. Not so. We can and have had expansion while strengthening protections for purify water. After all, a Clean Water Act has been around given 1972 and while a economy has grown enormously, a H2O has gotten cleaner. Just demeanour during Boston Harbor or a Charles River here in Cambridge, or thousands of other places around a country. The Clean Water Act says it is a idea of a US for a waters to be fishable and swimmable. Does that sound extreme? What does sound impassioned is that 2 for 1 directive that agencies discharge dual for any one new law indispensable to strengthen a health, safety, or environment.

Stand adult for science

The US open wants and relies on a safeguards and protections that a agencies—at all levels of government—provide.  And they wish these protections to be sensitive by a best accessible systematic evidence. It’s no discerning and easy attainment to rise (and might we supplement rescind) a sequence or regulation; it’s a perfected routine formed on scholarship and poignant open input. Public health and reserve should be a tip priority, not politics or a pockets of a many absolute interests. Science-based process is in a open interest, and we need everyone—scientists and non-scientists alike—to stand adult for science. We  have grown a toolkit to help. Join us and others in this effort.


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