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August 16, 2018 - Essential Water

The authorised plea to a city of Racine’s devise to obstruct Great Lakes H2O to a Foxconn industrial formidable has advanced, with a notice of a pre-hearing discussion date and a further of distinguished petitioners. 


Earlier this year, the Midwest Environmental Advocates — on interest of the League of Women Voters of WisconsinMilwaukee RiverkeeperMinnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and River Alliance of Wisconsin — filed a authorised plea with a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

MEA, in a challenge, maintains a DNR’s capitulation of Racine’s ask for a Great Lakes H2O diversion for a Foxconn growth violates a Great Lakes Compact — a widespread agreement enacted to strengthen this mercantile and informative resource. The compress requires diversions of Great Lakes H2O be singular to public, mostly residential, uses. Yet Racine’s wants to obstruct 7 million gallons per day of Lake Michigan H2O west of a Great Lakes Basin order to offer a private industrial uses of Foxconn.

At a heart of a authorised plea is a joining to a insurance of a world’s largest freshwater apparatus — a Great Lakes.

“The Great Lakes face threats from all directions, though a Foxconn diversion hazard is quite dangerous. It opens a doorway to industrial polluters sucking a life from one of North America’s many critical healthy resources — one that millions of Americans and Canadians rest on for celebration water, mercantile vitality and peculiarity of life,” pronounced Karen Hobbs of a Natural Resources Defense Council, which represents 766,514 people in a Great Lakes states and some-more than 3 million in a U.S. “But worse, it undercuts a Great Lakes Compact, America’s many critical insurance for these essential waters. We are station with a Great Lakes village — and hopefully a other states — to make certain a Lakes are stable for everyone’s use, not handed over to absolute special interests.”

Krista Grimm, boss of a League of Women Voters-Lake Michigan Region, pronounced in a press statement, “Today, a League of Women Voters-Lake Michigan Region joins a interest of a due Foxconn H2O diversion from Lake Michigan. The due diversion is formed on a mistaken interpretation by a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources of a Great Lakes Compact and undermines a really critical protections a Compact contains. The withdrawal of Lake Michigan H2O outward of a watershed dish for only blurb functions is impermissible. Additionally, a apportion and peculiarity of H2O due to be returned to a dish has a intensity to mistreat a good apparatus that is Lake Michigan.”

The pre-hearing discussion is set for Sept. 12 in Madison.

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