Port of Oakland too essential to continue labor disputes

November 23, 2014 - Essential Water

Work stoppages during West Coast ports are fixation thousands of jobs during risk. These new pursuit actions branch from a miss of a labor agreement between a Pacific Maritime Association and a International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

The ILWU has been operative but a agreement given Jul 1. The kinship represents 20,000 dockworkers opposite 29 West Coast ports. One competence remember in 2002 that a 10-day shutdown during any West Coast pier resulted in a U.S. economy losing $1 billion per day.

In new months, a ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been struggling with serious seaport overload where some shipments have been behind days, if not weeks. The Port of Oakland, while not experiencing Southern California-like delays, has been influenced by occasionally labor-management disputes as well.

These forms of business disruptions have long-lasting effects, generally in a globally rival nautical attention where load owners are creation decisions daily about that ports they select to boat their cargo.

Typically, load owners will select a trail of slightest resistance, either it’s a Canadian port, a Mexican pier — or an all-water track by a Panama or Suez canals.

In a nautical sector, time is money. Cargo owners will select a fastest, many cost-effective and arguable process of transportation. Increasingly, they’re deliberation a Port of Oakland their elite U.S. gateway.

Hundreds of additional load containers are nearing during Oakland any week as shippers obstruct from a Southern California pier congestion. There is an event in this conditions for a Port of Oakland to continue flourishing a load volume. The outcome could be increasing practice for Bay Area residents as a pier gets busier.

If a load owners do not select Oakland as their pier of call, afterwards a Northern California segment stands to remove internal jobs and taxation revenues that will be diverted to other ports in other cities and other countries.

From dockworkers to truckers and from grocery store workers to grill workers — and everybody in between — ports support an whole supply sequence of jobs. The Port of Oakland and a tenants support 73,000 jobs in a segment — 10,000 during a seaport alone — and impact 800,000 jobs nationwide.

The Port of Oakland is a fifth-busiest enclosure pier in a United States. It includes a Oakland International Airport as good as 19 miles of waterfront properties that embody Jack London Square.

Every day, sea carriers broach load boxes that enclose line we rest on in a daily lives, such as food products, electrical machinery, attire and electronics. If we can eat it, expostulate it, play with it or wear it — afterwards chances are it substantially came by a Port of Oakland. For any 1,000 containers delivered during a Port of Oakland, 8 internal jobs are combined and sustained.

More than half of a Bay Area’s exports — and entirely 70 percent of Oakland’s trade — are unfailing for markets in Asia. The Port of Oakland is a primary gateway for exporting California’s rural products from a Central Valley and a Napa Wine Country. Last year, load relocating by a pier was valued during $40 billion.

While seaport disruptions have not been as conspicuous in Oakland as in other West Coast locations, we can't risk serve decrease of a handling environment. If things worsen, a Port of Oakland will not usually remove out on a event to grow, it will see existent jobs jeopardized.

PMA and ILWU contingency determine on a agreement as shortly as probable to finish this stalemate. Too many jobs count on a Port of Oakland.

We simply can't means to wait.

Chris Lytle is a executive executive of a Port of Oakland. To comment, contention your minute to a editor during www.sfgate.com/submissions#1.

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