Non-Essential Water Restrictions Issued for Hyannis Water System

June 24, 2016 - Essential Water

KA_Hyannis_Welcome Historic Main travel sign_11315HYANNIS – Non-essential outside H2O use in a Hyannis Water System is being limited as officials demeanour to equivocate a H2O necessity due to a ongoing celebration H2O health advisory.

Residents vital during addresses with peculiar numbers can usually H2O on odd-numbers days, use during even-numbered homes is limited to even series days. Watering is usually available between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. The stuffing of swimming pools will not be authorised until serve notice.

The pierce comes as city officials work to get a Hyannis Water System in correspondence with new EPA regulations. Last month, dual contaminants were found to be above new sovereign standards, heading to a celebration H2O health advisory.

Since a advisory was initial released final month, a DPW and Hyannis Water System have taken several stairs to remediate a problem, including holding dual wells off-line and restarting other wells.

Hyannis Water System officials contend a intensity for a H2O necessity exists due to a shutdown of a wells, creation it required to control a volume of H2O being pumped any day.

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