Modern homes still miss space for some essential items

January 27, 2015 - Essential Water

Houses in Orange County have come a prolonged approach given a mid-century moderns done their debut.

With any on-going proviso of construction, we’ve outcast a reduction than optimal designs such as low ceilings, a singular lavatory for a whole residence and galley kitchens that are cut off from both a dining room and a family room.

Yet, even with all of these large moves forward, there are still some facilities home owners have to invent to keep gait with a elaborating lifestyles.

Here are usually a few things some new clients have been seeking for their dream home.

Space for your yoga pad and giveaway weights: For those times when we usually can’t make it to a gym, we need space for your yoga mat. Hopefully in front of a TV so we can follow along with your favorite Yoga video.

And we need a place to keep a weights when you’re not pumping iron, so we don’t outing and fall. Or stub your small toe. Ouch.

Where’s a practice apparatus closet in houses these days?

Space for a pool spawn box: Every singular customer with a cat looks for a place to keep a spawn box.

Do we fist it into a washing room? On a edge of a jetted bath tub? Out a doggie doorway into a garage? Can we sight a cat to go by a doggie door?

So many questions and so small dedicated space. Where’s a pool spawn box cubby in houses these days?

Space for a dog food dispenser and H2O bowls: Next we have a pooch to understanding with. Is there space for a 5 bruise programmable involuntary apportionment tranquil dog feeder? Where is a special mark that delivers a compulsory straight clearway that doesn’t retard a draw, door, or cabinet?

And what about a five-gallon on-demand H2O fountainhead that keeps Fido hydrated 24/7? Where’s a doggy feeding hire in today’s houses?

Space for a salt-water aquarium: A salt-water aquarium is a outrageous joining to lighting and heat control equipment. When we have a salt-water aquarium and we are looking for a new home for your family and your fish, we have to keep both sets of mandate in mind.

If we can means a 4 bedroom home and usually need 3 for people to indeed nap in, we might have found a residence with a ideal Aquarium Room. Although, it has been my knowledge that people with salt-water aquariums wish to be means to see their changed fish.

Where is a space for a salt-water aquarium in today’s houses?

Space and electricity for advancing personal electronics: Wouldn’t we pierce in a notation to a residence that has during slightest 4 multi-pronged energy outlets and USB ports for each one of your electronic devices, so that we can safely assign them and send information while they are stable from water, pets, and drifting siblings? Without holding adult a whole counter?

I’m going on “Shark Tank” shortly with an invisible underneath opposite advancing mountain for adult to 24 devices.

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is an Orange County genuine estate agent. She can be reached during 949-678-3373 or Her website is

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