Maynard residents told to extent outside H2O use

June 22, 2018 - Essential Water

Selectman David Gavin reported he had been contacted by residents expressing difficulty over a non-essential H2O anathema enacted Jun 11.

What had been discussed in a prior Board of Selectmen assembly seemed to be in dispute with what was found on a city web site, he pronounced during a Jun 19 house meeting.

DPW executive Aaron Miklosko pronounced what is now on a DPW web site is accurate.

The annual anathema on non-essential H2O use commencement May 1, that taboo non-essential outside H2O use from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., was superseded by a 24-hour anathema effective Jun 11.

This was in response to a good failure.

Essential H2O use includes use for health or haven reasons, and that compulsory by regulation. Water use for prolongation of food and fiber is authorised as good as H2O for a upkeep of livestock.

Water use is authorised to accommodate a core functions of a business.

Residents can H2O their lawns and plants with a hand-held hose, though are not authorised to use programmed sprinkler systems.

Gavin asked if watering a golf march would be deliberate a core duty of a business.

Miklosko said, “That’s debatable,” though automobile washes will be authorised to continue operation.


In other business

— Selectmen authorized a send of $50,749.24 from a haven account to cover a shortfall in a sleet and ice dismissal fund, to cover bills after a Town Meeting aver sealed in April.


— Selectmen authorized send of $2,500 from a Maynard Business Environment Enhancement Program (BEEP) to a Economic Development Committee. The supports will be used to support growth of a DiscoverMaynard web site that will foster internal businesses.


— Selectmen authorized renovation of a practice contracts of Police Chief Mark DuBois and Fire Chief Anthony Stowers. They also authorized new contracts for a Firefighters Union and a Public Safety Dispatch Union.


— The open conference on a venerable domain holding of land on Sudbury Street for a new Maynard glow hire was continued until Jun 26 to concede final paperwork to be prepared.




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