Maine Voices: Trump’s EPA should retreat march on dissolution of critical Clean Water Rule

August 6, 2018 - Essential Water

YARMOUTH – The probity of any multitude can be judged by how it cares for a people and how it cares for God’s present of creation. The Clean Water Rule, put brazen by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency in 2015, supposing long-sought clarity about a focus of a Federal Clean Water Act.

The order some-more clearly tangible what kinds of waters get guaranteed insurance and that ones are exempt. It pronounced that wickedness in a run needs to be regulated in a same approach as wickedness in a river.

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The Rev. Richard Killmer is a late Presbyterian apportion who lives in Yarmouth.


In Maine, when a Clean Water Rule was put in place, protections were easy to 1,264 miles of streams that feed into celebration H2O sources. In addition, thousands of acres of wetlands that yield inundate protection, recharge groundwater supplies, filter wickedness and yield essential wildlife medium were safeguarded.

The H2O bodies during a core of a Clean Water Rule offer vicious functions. Notably, some-more than 117 million Americans get celebration H2O from open systems that pull supply from streams. Wetlands cover roughly 110 million acres in a continental U.S., that filter wickedness from infested runoff and feed groundwater.

The Clean Water Rule is a ideal instance of how safeguarding God’s origination ensures that tellurian health is safeguarded. It is no warn that roughly 80 percent of Americans support this common-sense order and wish a EPA to exercise it.

For those H2O bodies that are stable by a Clean Water Rule, it requires that:

Wastewater dischargers and sewage plants might not dump into such waters though pollution-limiting permits;

Facilities storing poignant amounts of oil nearby lonesome waters contingency rise oil brief impediment and response plans;

States contingency brand and ready skeleton to purify adult stable waters that don’t accommodate state H2O peculiarity standards;

Industrial and blurb developers usually contingency obtain capitulation before discharging plain element into stable waters, destroying profitable wetlands and spiritless lakes and streams, and these dischargers infrequently contingency lessen their impact by creating, preserving, or enhancing other H2O resources;

Nobody might liberate “any radiological, chemical, or biological crusade agent, any high-level hot waste, or any medical waste” into lonesome waters; and

Entities disposing sewage sludge that could infect such waters contingency reside by wickedness control standards.

In Maine we are sanctified with an contentment of water: wetlands, sea and lakes. As articulated recently by Pope Francis, purify H2O is a simple tellurian prerequisite and a present God has given to amiability to safeguard.

Unfortunately, a Trump administration is relocating to dissolution a Clean Water Rule, that protects a celebration H2O for one-third of all Americans. Despite a EPA finalizing a order in 2017 after some-more than 400 stakeholder meetings, 1,200 peer-reviewed systematic publications and some-more than a million open comments, a EPA is now operative to idle a possess good work to strengthen purify water.

The boss and his backers have due historically low cuts to cornerstone environmental probity programs and a stripping of extend dollars dedicated to ensuring protected H2O to splash and purify atmosphere to breathe, all while children humour from some-more asthma, families are unprotected to some-more poisonous chemicals, and neighborhoods understanding with aloft levels of infested water.

As a eremite leader, we trust it is obligatory on us to safeguard purify H2O for a families, a communities, wildlife and a environment.

The Bible calls us to strengthen a many exposed and to adore a neighbor. Low-income communities are disproportionately subjected to infested celebration H2O supplies. Water is deliberate a elemental tellurian need, though many communities miss protected celebration water, their adults float nearby waste-contaminated beaches and live nearby soiled floodwaters.

Doing all we can to yield purify H2O protects Maine families, honors God and cares for a neighbors. We are stewards of God’s earth and contingency strengthen a present of water, not usually for ourselves, though for those who are exposed and for generations to come.

I titillate a EPA to retreat march on this ill-conceived dissolution of a Clean Water Rule and for a inaugurated officials in Maine to pronounce out on a significance of safeguarding Maine’s celebration wat






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