Live Q&A: How can a private zone use H2O some-more efficiently?

June 16, 2017 - Essential Water

Many regions in a world, quite sub-Saharan Africa, south and south-east Asia, South America and a Caribbean humour from mercantile H2O scarcity, according to a International Water Management Institute.

Large quantities of H2O are used in many opposite industries for estimate a far-reaching accumulation of products. How can a private zone use H2O some-more well so that it preserves this essential life resource?

Water nonesuch impacts mercantile expansion and can lead to domestic instability. What’s a best approach to promulgate this to companies? What measures can companies take to stop wasting water? And what supervision regulations should be in place to support this?

Technology can assistance revoke a use of H2O in industry. For example, Indian startup Ecolibrium Energy is providing record to magnitude a use of resources in opposite tools of factories and intelligent metres have been hailed as revolutionising a approach H2O is consumed in cities. What other solutions can be put in place to save H2O in a parched industries of cultivation and mining?

A row of consultant will plead these questions and some-more on Thursday 22 Jun from 3-4.30pm BST.

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