Letters to a Editor, Mar 17, 2018: Local occurrence shows unsteadiness of guns in schools

March 17, 2018 - Essential Water

Guns in schools is a ridiculous idea

The thought of training teachers to lift guns is ludicrous. We have a good instance right here on a Monterey Peninsula interjection to Dennis Alexander.

Mr. Alexander dismissed a bullet into a roof and a bit flew into a student.

Guns in schools will harm some-more good people than bad.

— Dan Presser, Carmel

Advantages of open tenure of H2O supply

The Herald’s Mar 10 opinion page was a valuables value preserving in a prolonged arc of a Peninsula H2O debate. Paul Bruno, Larry Parrish, Roland Martin and Catherine Crockett all wrote sexually and informatively on aspects of a prolonged tale about a many essential resource; water.

At a finish of his commentary, Mr. Bruno creates an blunder that we have listened from several other residents as we proffer to accumulate signatures for Public Water Now’s petition for a Nov list initiative. Mr. Bruno conflates H2O supply with ownership. The Peninsula needs an stretched H2O supply no matter who owns and runs a utility. A open group can financial a infrastructure costs for less, though we will all have to compensate dearly for a new H2O supply, regardless.

The advantages of internal open tenure go distant over cost assets however, as many eloquently voiced by Catherine Crockett’s clear minute dual columns to a right of Mr. Bruno’s opinion. Please pointer a petition. Vote for open H2O in November.

— Michael Baer, Monterey

Hillary should cruise a genuine means of her loss

Hillary Clinton’s latest of about 20 excuses for losing a presidential choosing is that many white women were pressured by their spouses, sons and bosses to opinion opposite her. This is scornful to women, implying they are weak-willed and incompetent to remonstrate with men.

Hillary fails to note that many women and group voted for her since she is a woman, a totally sexist act.

Perhaps she should cruise her dishonesty, unappealing personality, and miss of achievements during years of being initial lady, senator and secretary of state as reasons for her loss.

— Neal T. Glover, Monterey

U.S. not displaying on how to solve conflicts

The fighting in Yemen and Syria, as good as a fast assault in Afghanistan and hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan, etc. have done me consternation if we are apropos reduction courteous as we pierce by time.

A few years ago, dual girls from a International School of Monterey combined a History Day documentary on a Geneva Conventions. The Geneva Conventions came about partly by a efforts of Swiss citizen Henri Dunant, who witnessed a issue of a Battle of Solferino with thousands of bleeding soldiers fibbing infirm with no one caring for them. In a 1860s, he called for an general discussion and agreement to assistance sick/wounded troops in destiny wars, regardless of nationality. Thus a International Red Cross was created.

Dunant helped emanate a Geneva Conventions, creatively endangered usually with soldiers bleeding on battlefields. Four Geneva Conventions, drawn adult in 1949, cover armed forces, prisoners of war, and civilians — and are supposed by probably each state in a world.

Our country, by a actions in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and a worker strikes in Pakistan and elsewhere, has not modeled how best to solve conflicts. Would that a U.S. had assimilated a International Criminal Court, ancillary general law.

— Judy Karas, Monterey

Confronting immorality on a right and a left

My heart goes out to a widow, who not usually mislaid her father in WWII, though feels she has mislaid a nation he served. She laments a decrease of patriotism, morals, family values, shortcoming and honour for life. Donna Hollenstain defends a Constitution and giveaway debate when it comes to a right of a press to tell reputable worried journalists.

The author identifies as a “proud member” of a “Basket of Deplorables.” Hopefully, she is fanatic of army on a right ancillary abuse of women, lying, violence, augmenting a inhabitant debt, widening a opening between abounding and poor, and ignoring stewardship of a earth. In a practice of a right of giveaway debate we need to confront immorality on both left and right — as good as in ourselves for ancillary it.

— Bill Donovan, Carmel

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