Israel Preps for Syrian War With Golan’s Oil and Water in Its Sights

February 15, 2018 - Essential Water

By Whitney Webb

Soon after Saturday’s dangerous escalation—involving Syria’s downing of an Israeli warrior jet in a airspace—seemed to hiss out, a Jerusalem Post reported that Israel was coming a de-escalation duration as a time to ready for large-scale fight with a northern neighbor by boosting a atmosphere defenses. According to those cited by a Post, convoys of missile-defense batteries have been relocated to a Israeli-Arab city of Baka al-Gharbiya and countless other batteries have been sighted on highways via northern Israel.

While a deployment of atmosphere defenses to a country’s north seems to anticipate an approaching conflict, some experts, like Ofer Zalzberg of a International Crisis Group consider tank, have asserted that a new escalation between Syria and Israel will sojourn contained, notwithstanding Israel’s apparent preparations for a large-scale conflict.

“I consider this occurrence is some-more expected to be contained since essentially it is a light try to renegotiate a supposed manners of a game,” Zalzberg told AFP, serve suggesting that Russia should intercede in sequence to forestall a weekend’s events from sparking a informal war. Russia, for a part, seemed fervent to hindrance a hostilities, as it urged a need to “avoid any magnitude that could lead to a dangerous escalation.”

Indeed, any escalation that would lead to a state of open dispute between Syria and Israel would certainly spread, fast involving Syrian allies including Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah and, potentially, some-more absolute nations like a U.S. and Russia.

Even if new events destroy to interpret into a fight between Israel and a northern neighbors, any attempts to forestall such a war—no matter how “successful” they might seem—will usually be proxy during best. Israel, even prior to a investiture as a state in 1948, has been ever fervent to apparatus southern Syria in sequence to benefit entrance to pivotal resources—first, uninformed water and now, oil. It is this same enterprise that continues to motivate Israel’s charge opposite a neighbors.

As Syria will not relinquish what is theirs as prolonged as their supervision stays intact, Israel has sought to take such prizes by a accumulation of strategy trimming from bootleg function to fomenting growth regime-change efforts. As those efforts have continued to fail, Israel has grown some-more and some-more unfortunate to lay explain to those resources that distortion usually over a reach. Unless Israel relinquishes a enterprise for a neighbor’s resources, a successive fight is inevitable.

The Golan: Israeli Goal in Pushing Syria to War

Though infrequent observers of a Syrian dispute might find a weekend’s events as carrying come out of nowhere, those who have closely followed a dispute and conclude a context will note that Israel seems to have finally gotten a fight with Syria it has prolonged sought.

However, Israel is not inspired for fight in and of itself. Instead, it is fervent to concrete a explain to a Golan Heights, a plateau adjacent Israel, Lebanon and Syria. In sequence to accomplish that, regime change in Syria is essential, as a general village still refuses to commend Israel’s seizure and continued function of a Golan as legal. This bars Israel from commercially building a area’s abounding resources, that are pivotal to bargain Israel’s eagerness to go to fight over a seemingly tiny and considerate tract of land. However, a new Syrian government, one some-more “friendly” to Israeli interests, could strictly relinquish Syria’s explain to a Golan, paving a proceed for a finish and central cast of a domain by Israel.

Though measuring no some-more than roughly 460 block miles, a Golan is of good vital significance for several reasons. The most ordinarily cited by Israeli media is that it offers a aegis opposite northern “hostile” nations due to a imperishable geography, assisting Israel to “defend” opposite incoming attacks from possibly Syria or Lebanon.

Golan Heights, Sept. 24, 2017ThisGlobalCitizen / Flickr

However, many some-more critical to Israel’s “national security” than a oft-stated “barrier” advantage is a fact that a Golan Heights houses poignant fresh-water resources. Under occupation, a Golan is one of 3 sources of uninformed H2O to a Israeli state—and is a largest in distance and many plentiful, as it comprises a towering streams that feed Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) and a headwaters of a Jordan river. Currently, some-more than a third of all a uninformed H2O done accessible to Israelis originates in a Golan Heights.

Though uninformed H2O is an generally critical apparatus in a Middle East, it is now some-more critical to Israel than ever before. Israel is in a fourth year of a drought so vast that a NASA investigate called it a misfortune drought in a segment in nearly 900 years. As a result, a H2O in a Golan Heights is essential to Israel and a attempts to expand.

This apparatus was a vital motivating cause in Israel’s 1967 takeover and successive 1981 cast of a Golan Heights. During that period, Israel diminished scarcely all of a area’s strange inhabitants and demolished their villages. As Israeli journal Haaretz reported in 2010, some-more than 100,000 Syrians mislaid their homes and skill as a outcome of a occupation. Israel has no goal of vouchsafing a Golan’s strange inhabitants return, however. The area is now home to some 20,000 settlers and a devise is currently underway to settle 100,000 some-more in a successive several years in sequence to strengthen Israel’s explain to a area.

Though a abounding uninformed H2O in a Golan Heights is of essential significance to Israel, a Golan’s value grew neatly following a find of a major oil reserve in a area, estimated to enclose “billions of barrels” of wanton oil that could spin Israel—which now imports a immeasurable infancy of a fuel—into a net oil exporter. Yet, since a Golan Heights are internationally famous as being underneath function and not an central partial of Israel, a blurb descent and trade of this immeasurable oil haven can't go forward—until this standing changes. As a result, usually exploratory wells have been drilled, mostly by a division of Genie Energy Co., a U.S.-based oil association connected to obvious total such as Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild and Dick Cheney.

The enterprise to explain a Golan Heights and all of a resources underneath internationally famous resources is also, in part, to censure for Israel’s pivotal purpose in a birth of a stream assault in Syria.

Five years before a stream dispute in Syria began, a supervision of Israel hatched a plan to overpower Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by formulating narrow-minded struggle in a nation and isolating Syria from a strongest informal ally, Iran. As mentioned, a Assad-led supervision has refused to commend Israel’s reason on a Golan and has vowed to retake it as partial of Syria.

The devise was never designed to be enacted by Israel yet instead by a “staunch ally” a United States. The U.S. adopted a devise and a communications of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that this devise was a vital cause in U.S. process heading adult to a birth of a Syrian conflict. One of her leaked emails, published by WikiLeaks, settled that “the best proceed to assistance Israel understanding with Iran’s flourishing chief capability is to assistance a people of Syria overpower a regime of Bashar Assad.”

That same email also remarkable that “a successful involvement in Syria would need estimable tactful and troops care from a United States.” It also combined that “arming a Syrian rebels and regulating Western atmosphere energy to belligerent Syrian helicopters and airplanes is a low-cost high-payoff approach.”

Unsurprisingly, central approval of Israel’s cast of a Golan was distinguished among a regime-change promises touted by a Syrian “rebels.” Throughout a now seven-year-long war, rebels have charity to “trade” or sell a Golan to Israel in sell for troops assist or an Israeli-imposed “no-fly zone” in their bid to overpower Assad.

Despite Israel and U.S.’ best efforts, a “low-cost high-payoff approach” has not left as planned. Instead, Assad has managed to connect vast tools of Syrian domain once mislaid to a “rebels,” a bulk of that are militant groups or their affiliates. As a past efforts and some-more new skeleton to apparatus southern Syria by regime change have failed, Israel has grown some-more desperate, as evidenced by all from a “dozens and dozens” of attacks it has launched opposite Syria to last year’s threats to murder Assad by bombing his residence. Experts have prolonged remarkable that these are attempts to incite Syria into a conflict.

In serve to these provocations, Israel has been creeping serve into southern Syria underneath a guise of substantiating a “safe-zone” or aegis segment that extends from a Golan into a southern Syrian provinces of Quneitra and Daraa. According to Syrian antithesis sources and Israeli-American NGOs, this protected zone is “intended to keep a Syrian army and a Iranian and Lebanese allies as distant divided from Israel’s limit as possible, as good as indurate Israel’s control over a assigned Golan Heights.”

Alongside a aegis zone’s expansion, Israel has “offered” to occupy Syrian villages to “protect” them from a really Syrian rebels that Israel has been funding, arming, and charity medical diagnosis to via a conflict—even yet many are associated with al-Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) or Daesh (ISIS).

While Israel has, for many of a war, been conducting these attacks against, and bootleg incursions into, Syria with impunity, all of that has now altered due to this past weekend’s events. Now that Syria is responding to extreme violations of a sovereignty, Israel knows a compare is illuminated and, by all indications, is scheming for what comes next.

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