GUEST COLUMN: Why H2O rates matter in Sharon

August 7, 2015 - Essential Water

As we anticipate a annual composition to a H2O rates, we should remember a vicious purpose that H2O plays in Sharon. Driving into town, a billboard touts Sharon as “A improved place to live since it’s naturally beautiful.”

Sharon’s healthy beauty is not probable though water. It is pivotal to a peculiarity of life, and supports $3 billion in skill values.

Unfortunately, Sharon has a H2O problem (see: Population expansion and involuntary irrigation systems aria a town’s H2O infrastructure and a internal sourroundings alike.

To accommodate destiny expansion and development, we contingency use H2O some-more efficiently, or import dear extra H2O in summer for grass irrigation and other outside uses.

Sharon’s award-winning H2O assign module has reduced H2O use by 20 percent, saving about 100 million gallons per year. This has helped us equivocate a cost of importing extra H2O so far, in annoy of new developments such as Avalon Bay, a Wilber Apartments, and new homes springing adult around town.

The cornerstone of this module is a conservation-oriented H2O rate structure. You get adequate H2O for essential domestic needs during medium cost, though compensate some-more as we use some-more water. Sharon was among a initial towns in Massachusetts to adopt descending H2O rates a entertain century ago. Today, 2/3 of a communities in Massachusetts have adopted them to inspire fit H2O usage.

Some disagree that descending H2O rates are astray to vast families. However, Sharon’s H2O rates are structured so that even vast families can equivocate a tip rate brackets by regulating leaks, minimizing non-essential H2O use, and holding advantage of a Sharon Water Department’s inexhaustible rebates for fit toilets and soaking machines.

In offer to charging for H2O usage, many towns also assign a bound price with any H2O bill. However, bound fees revoke use rates, undermining a inducement to safety and changeable some-more of a cost of H2O supply onto a infancy of residents who do conserve.

Summer is break time for Sharon’s H2O resources. Stream upsurge dwindles and H2O temperatures rise, stressing fish and other wildlife.

At a same time, Sharon’s rise daily H2O use doubles, mostly due to grass irrigation and other outside uses, offer stressing a environment.

Peak direct drives adult a long-term cost of H2O supply, since a H2O supply complement contingency be geared to accommodate rise direct with adequate left over to quarrel fires. Charging those who use a lot of H2O in summer during aloft H2O rates encourages fit irrigation practices, that in spin revoke a need for alien water, reduce a cost of H2O for each family, and assistance a environment.

Sharon’s H2O rates have increasing neatly in new years to compensate for overdue upkeep of aging pipes, tanks, and other H2O supply infrastructure identified in a 2010 H2O master plan.

This year, usually a teenager boost will be indispensable to cover acceleration and concede for unforeseeable contingencies.

The Sharon Water Department has due to leave a rates unvaried solely for a tiny boost in a quarterly bound price from a stream $21 to $22.50, and an boost in a tip retard rate from $13.50 to $15 per thousand gallons.

The Water Management Advisory Committee voted to validate this proposal. The final preference will be adult to a Selectmen, who also offer as Sharon’s Water Commissioners.

We should continue to strengthen and safety a finite, critical H2O resources with progressive, conservation-oriented H2O rates that yield a clever inducement to use H2O efficiently.

Paul Lauenstein is a member of a Sharon Water Management Advisory Committee, though a views voiced here are his own.

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