GROW: Watering in a winter months is essential

January 28, 2018 - Essential Water

When a object is violence down and a heat consistently tops 90 degrees F, Oklahoma gardeners vigilantly keep their cherished gardens watered. However, they might not be utterly as observant during a winter months.

The Oklahoma landscape has been intensely dry this winter. Western and Central Oklahoma are good subsequent a normal rainfall for a final 30 days. The western half of a state has during slightest 30 days to 100-plus uninterrupted days with reduction than 0.25 inches of rainfall. The conditions isn’t most improved statewide, with usually 28 percent of normal flood for a final 30 days.

With warmer temperatures good above 40 degrees F in a foresee for a subsequent several days, it’s a good time for homeowners to do some watering.

Lack of adequate dirt dampness is mostly a vital means of winter damage. Dry dirt joined with clever winter winds can means massacre on a plant. All plants, though generally narrowleaf and broadleaf evergreens, use H2O during winter. When small or no dirt dampness is present, plants can turn droughty and it’s some-more expected base repairs will also occur.

 When dry cold fronts are predicted, H2O a landscape during slightest 24 hours in allege of a front. Apply about half an in. of water. A balmy day on soppy dirt helps comfortable a dirt and base area. This helps revoke a volume of time a roots will be unprotected to cold temperatures.

In sequence for plants to survive, dampness contingency be accessible subsequent a ice line or solidified soil.

When a dirt freezes, if dampness is not benefaction in dirt pore spaces, dampness is pulled from plant roots to form a ice crystals ensuing in droughty roots. This is what many gardeners impute to as winter kill.

 If we have a sprinkler system, use common clarity this time of year.

Don’t concede a sprinklers to come on during a tough freeze. Ice combining on some plants could outcome in some critical damage. And it’s not usually a plants that suffer. Homeowners can unintentionally emanate a dangerous conditions for themselves, pedestrians or even flitting vehicles if a H2O freezes on a sidewalks and roads. If we have a sprinkler complement that has been winterized, cruise palm watering with a garden hose. Be certain to empty a hose and put it behind in a garage or strew after use.

Keep in mind that too most H2O also can outcome in problems during a winter.

Cold soppy soils can lead to rotting roots. Soils with some-more than plenty dampness also might inspire winter weeds to origin and flourish.

Your best gamble is to H2O usually each dual to 3 weeks and request usually adequate H2O to dampen a tip 6 or so inches of soil.

If we have plants in containers in a lonesome area around your home, such as underneath eaves or on a lonesome patio, they’ll need to be watered given they’re easeful from a healthy precipitation.

David Hillock is a consumer horticulturist with Oklahoma State University mild extension.

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