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February 8, 2017 - Essential Water


Morris Mpala, MoB collateral Ltd
NOTHING screams wish like a good stormy season.

Nothing smells prolongation like a smell of summer rains. There is something about a sleet that rejuvenates each mercantile being in a community. It awakens a financial twine within. It awakens a prolongation DNA in all beings not indispensably humans.

Production is a economy. The economy is agriculture. Agriculture is a healthy sleet and lots of it is what cultivation needs. So by initiation sleet is a summary of rural economy and economy in general. Rains are a economy and a economy is a rain. There is also a observant that goes when it rains we advantage and we really advantage abundantly.

‘Water is life’ is an aged proverb though profound with definition and it still does adult to currently and this deteriorate is looking and feeling good. we have never felt this good in a prolonged time in expectation of a good collect ahead.

When it rains businesses design a good year. It brings out that Great Spirit.

It is bringing fun to a farmers as a H2O list is on a rise. The many talked about authority cultivation is now benefiting from giveaway H2O that is cost effective and we could design a good collect all things being equal. Livestock advantages from softened pastures and cost giveaway H2O in general. Tourism in Hwange has benefited immensely given a rains started and during this duration poaching is on a low side. Farmers usually need to exercise strategies to raise their harvest.

Water harnessing
Increase dam construction, reservoirs, synthetic lakes or gutter H2O collection. Avoiding siltation activities as good as stealing sediment from H2O collecting bodies. Let’s equivocate tide bank cultivation and mining. Let’s do divided with polluting H2O bodies. We contingency have 0 toleration to polluting H2O sources for whatever reason underneath a object to safety a subterraneous water.

Water conservation
We need to recycle H2O and adopt use of deteriorate irrigation. Shun hose pipes on automobile washes and other high consumer H2O activities. Settling a bills so that water-related repairs can be finished timely. Monitoring daily use, daily limits, news detonate pipes, hunt for subterraneous leaks and reduction showering antics. Use of borehole H2O in construction, toilet and other non essential H2O requirement activities.

Increase advocacy for scold use of H2O all year round. Prevent evaporation by covering H2O bodies and purify adult H2O sources by pardon them of weeds and litter.

Bulawayo community
We sing hallelujah as a dams are stuffing up. The buildings are being spotless up. The internal supervision can now brand that areas need glorious drainage systems. It also gives an event to see that roads are diseased and need reformation or resurfacing to a advantage of a users. This gives Bulawayo City Council height to uncover what they are famous for — glorious formulation and construction bravery opposite Zimbabwe.

The health dialect is also given an event to contend minimal standards to guarantee health scares. To a village it is ideal now to brand areas that need bridges, dams re-enforcing and floods impediment methods are being grown since of these rains. With these rains and winds comes rebuilding to all aged and vulnerable structures.

How certain is that! By and vast during stormy seasons crime rate turns southwards.

At times when there is sleet prompted disasters it brings communities together for a improved means and that is recommended.

Air wickedness is reduced tremendously and that increases a health of a workers so an boost in male hours.

Data/information dissemination
With a rains we always get information on a continue that is reduction expected during other seasons of a year. We tend to accept vicious information on other places, on highway use and even tillage information is mostly disseminated during stormy seasons. There is also information on ubiquitous presence skills.

The correctness of many weather-related information during a stormy deteriorate is essential to a border of even meaningful a standing of your internal dams. This reduces doubt and aids planning, that is vicious to a communities.

It also hurdles a continue dialect to acquire skills and machine to accurately news on continue phenomena, that is not done, contend during winter season. Rains really move about investments into so many areas in a community.

With a rains come so many opportunities to infer ourselves in all a daily lives. We applaud a rains as a really certain thing. We are so disastrous that we can’t even applaud these rains that is unfortunate. Am selecting to see opportunities in this season, a thought is for us to take adult these sleet presented opportunities and make grain while it shines.

On a lighter though essential note business is happy as travel of products and transformation of people on a highway practice reduction disruptions due to minimal roadblocks and this increases potency and efficacy of a businesses.

Emotionally rains are only healing and that increases capability as many employees tend to be during work many of a time. The palatable greenery has that relaxing outcome and a limit peace it ushers in is only gainful sourroundings for a village and a prolific actors.

From a domicile viewpoint it also increases food confidence as when it rains there is so many food supplements during reduce to 0 costs. That is good saving from a domicile and these supports can be used when there is a stormy day.

These are good times, pleasing days and certainly something to be beholden and be happy about for months. we am only amatory and enjoying a rains and what they mount for and what they bring. Let a good rains continue. If we haven’t had a certain thing this year this is one of them, reason onto it.




Morris Mpala is a handling executive of MoB Capital Limited, a Bulawayo headquartered micro-finance establishment with footprint opposite a country.

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