Good drink needs good, purify H2O and that is now threatened

October 7, 2017 - Essential Water

In a time of increasing domestic turmoil, there’s one thing that many people of all domestic stripes can determine on: Every now and then, it’s good to have a cold beer.

Unfortunately, a purify H2O is now threatened and, but purify water, a destiny of most of Maine’s drink is in danger.


Rob Tod is a brewer and owner of Allagash Brewing Co. in Portland.


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is eyeing the dissolution of a Clean Water Rule, that protects critically vicious waterways, like tiny streams and wetlands, in Maine and conflicting a nation. Our qualification breweries count on these waterways to yield a purify H2O we use to decoction a beer. Opening adult these waterways to violent wickedness threatens Maine’s health, economy and sourroundings – not to discuss any drink done during Allagash Brewing Co.

Back in 2015, a republic distinguished a thoroughfare of a Clean Water Rule as a biggest step brazen for purify H2O in some-more than a decade. This sequence sealed loopholes in a Clean Water Act that left some-more than 55 percent of Maine’s tide miles and thousands of acres of wetlands during risk for pollution, so melancholy a celebration H2O of Mainers conflicting a state.

Clean H2O is apparently essential to some-more people than Maine’s brewers. Maine’s residents rest on purify H2O for their possess health and a health of their families. Fishing, boating, surfing, bird examination – all of these loving activities, and more, rest on purify water.

The stream administration has been holding stairs toward repealing a Clean Water Rule, with President Trump signing an executive sequence in February directing a EPA to examination and recur a rule, with an eye toward repeal. Late this summer a EPA began usurpation open comments on a repeal, that Administrator Pruitt pronounced would yield regulatory certainty to a nation’s businesses. But dissolution of this sequence would do utterly a conflicting to many businesses here in Maine.

In a business of creation beer, good drink relies on purify water. The normal drink is some-more than 90 percent water, and internal H2O supply peculiarity and characteristics, like pH and vegetable calm or purity, are vicious to a peculiarity of any brew. The H2O in Allagash’s beers comes from a Sebago Lake watershed, that is eminent for a primitive quality. Protecting a Sebago watershed relies on a purify streams that upsurge into it and wetlands that filter pollution. Repealing a Clean Water Rule would bluster these H2O sources that Allagash, and a rest of Maine’s flourishing qualification brewing industry, relies on.

The brewing attention bang in Maine has increased a economy all conflicting a state. Fifteen of Maine’s 16 counties exaggerate during slightest one qualification brewery. This wasn’t always a box – in 2007, there were around dual dozen Maine breweries. By a Maine Brewers Guild’s listing, in 10 years that series has grown to 82 brewers during a finish of 2016.

According to an economic impact study conducted during a University of Maine, a state’s drink attention employed some-more than 1,600 Mainers final year. These jobs paid over $50 million in income and wages, and a attention itself indirectly contributed some-more than $228 million to a state economy. These breweries are due to enhance dramatically in years to come. Muddying purify H2O act protections puts a pivotal part – and, therefore, a whole attention – during risk.

We need Maine’s whole congressional commission to mount adult and strengthen purify water, following a likes of Rep. Chellie Pingree, who recently assimilated with 100 other House members to send a minute to Pruitt, a EPA director, hostile a dissolution of a Clean Water Rule.

The need for purify H2O is not controversial. We can’t means to go back on purify H2O protections. Maine’s expanding brewing attention relies on purify water. The EPA needs to keep clever protections for Maine’s rivers, lakes and streams in place so we can keep brewing – and celebration – a excellent beers that usually Maine can offer.





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