Gold Coast residents compensate aloft H2O bills than Sydneysiders

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Water bills in South East Queensland

Gold Coast residents compensate $3.90 per kilolitre for H2O compared to Sydney Water’s $2.04 rate. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

In south easterly Queensland, a cost of accessing mains H2O is some-more than double what people connected to Sydney Water pay.

Why are Queenslanders profitable some-more for water?


For Gold Coast residents, these bound charges are on tip of use fees that are aloft than many other civil areas in Australia.

Bond University blurb lawsuit counsel and Assistant Professor Victoria Baumfield has complicated H2O costs in south easterly Queensland and put together a draft comparing a segment to other tools of a country.

Ms Baumfield found that H2O tie fees were during slightest $120 a year some-more for residents in south easterly Queensland than those regulating Sydney Water.

Additionally, Gold Coast residents compensate $3.90 per kilolitre for H2O use since Sydney Water business compensate $2.04 per kilolitre.

Victorian residents compensate starting rates between $2.40 and $2.60 per kilolitre with H2O providers Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water.

The H2O providers in Melbourne all have a tiered assign complement with a top H2O costs between $3.80 and $4.27.

Businesses strike by augmenting costs

Gold Coast business owners Linda Brown runs a family daycare centre from her home in Elanora on a southern finish of a city.

Water is essential to her work and is one of her biggest expenses.

“[I use] lots of H2O cleaning a bedsheets with my soaking machine,” Ms Brown said.

“I do lots of soaking and mopping [where a children play] to make certain a areas are clean. We do go by a lot of water.

Ms Brown has had to start creation changes to try to cut her rising H2O bills.

“Now we’re looking during promulgation washing home to be cleared instead of doing it on a premises, and we’re tying a H2O play activities,” she said.

High costs triggered by drought

Ms Baumfield pronounced a Gold Coast’s high H2O rates started with a drought in a segment in a midst 2000s.

“The south easterly Queensland segment had total H2O levels down to as low as approximately 17 per cent. People were seeking ‘Why is it we don’t have adequate water?’.”

Aerial TV still of full Hinze Dam on Gold Coast background in south-east Qld in Oct 2008.

Hinze Dam is a Gold Coast’s categorical celebration H2O supply. (ABC TV News)

Ms Baumfield pronounced partial of a problem was that particular councils possess and run H2O infrastructure.

“We didn’t have pipes that could pierce H2O from a Hinze Dam adult to Brisbane if people indispensable a water,” she said.

“There was also a doubt of ‘Do we need to start producing recycled water?’ regulating water-producing resources that don’t count on rain,” she said.

Pipes and a desalination plant during Tugun were built fast and a Queensland Government took over H2O infrastructure to emanate a informal network.

High spending formula in high debt

TV still of H2O desalination plant during Tugun on a Gold Coast in south-east Qld

Billions of dollars have been spent on H2O infrastructure in south easterly Queensland. (ABC TV News)

Ms Baumfield pronounced a emanate with formulating a new H2O infrastructure was a scale of a spending.

“The Queensland Audit Office has criticised a volume of income that was spent on a desalination plant, claiming we overspent by hundreds of millions of dollars,” she said.

“They explain we overspent on building a recycled H2O facility.

“When we take all a spending on H2O infrastructure, that finished adult being tighten to $9 billion, and we supplement a fact we changed to a process of cost-reflective pricing — where a open has to compensate a full volume — that leads to really high bills for particular H2O consumers.”

Ms Baumfield pronounced a scale of a debt was so vast that SEQ Water had not been creation full loan repayments for a past decade.

“What they have been doing is capitalising those delinquent seductiveness amounts onto a principal of a debt.

“A debt that was primarily around $9 billion has turn tighten to $10 billion since they were tacking on a interest. So we’re now profitable seductiveness on interest.”

She pronounced H2O bills would continue to arise for Gold Coast residents and businesses as SEQ Water pays off a multi-billion dollar debt.

Queensland Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham declined to pronounce to a ABC.

In a created statement, a Minister pronounced that an eccentric regulator had investigated SEQ Water prices and permitted satisfactory and fit prices from Jul this year until 2021.

The Minister pronounced a Queensland Government was deliberation these recommendations.

He shielded SEQ Water’s debt doing and pronounced uninterrupted governments had permitted the preference to boost H2O prices opposite 10 years instead of significantly hiking prices in 2008.















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