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December 28, 2014 - Essential Water

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As he trafficked by scorched tools of Haiti in a association of free clowns, Curtis Carlyle had zero to give though joy.

Because he knows that food and medicine competence reanimate a body, though a grin can palliate a soul.

The 34-year-old veteran juggler and Fort Vancouver High School connoisseur trafficked to Haiti for dual weeks in Nov on his initial outing with a general nonprofit Clowns Without Borders, that sends performers to predicament areas with a goal of bringing some complacency to a communities there. While other service organizations perform a critical duty of assisting places such as post-earthquake Haiti miscarry by providing reserve and aid, a comic entertainers who proffer with Clowns Without Borders essay to move a opposite kind of relief: a detonate of light in dim times.

What Carlyle gifted during his outing opposite Haiti with associate clowns, artists and musicians overwhelmed his heart.

“It was eye-opening. It was good to see a ways that other people live and adjust and tarry in a world,” pronounced Carlyle, who now lives in Portland and has achieved thousands of times in innumerable settings including a Broadway production, during corporate gigs and for charity. “It was unequivocally good to see so many people who appreciated clowning and juggling.”

Donning a red leather nose to compare his light red hair and fuzzy mustache, Carlyle entertained children and others in need of a giggle during several stops in Haiti, regulating sophistry and comedy skills he’s been perfecting ever given determining to turn a performer in his early 20s.

“When we incited 21, we wanted to learn to do something besides drink, and we had a ton of childish energy,” he said. “I consider that many people take sophistry as a hobby or a mindfulness they suffer for a tiny time in their life. And some people, like myself, see it as a fascinating puzzle.”

The shows in Haiti had a opposite feel than a standard performances Carlyle books behind home, including a Dec. 20 uncover during Vancouver’s Compass Church, where he perceived a station acclaim from gay families after interesting them with an enterprising brew of stupid jokes and earthy feats regulating yo-yos, bowling pins, a unequivocally high unicycle and other eye-catching props.

“I unequivocally suffer a earthy activity of throwing and throwing and doing moves that are surprising,” he said.

When Carlyle got to Haiti, he and a 10 other American, French and Haitian artists representing Clowns Without Borders separate into dual groups to debate opposite tools of a country, assembly behind adult for final performances around Petit Goave and Haiti’s collateral Port-au-Prince. Carlyle’s organisation called themselves “Team Bon Bagay,” definition “good stuff” in Haitian Creole.

“It was a unequivocally hands-on knowledge (in Haiti). From a initial moment, it was dive right in,” he said. “Some of my favorite interactions of a whole outing were interacting with people on a streets.”

Some of a interactions Carlyle had with children on a outing were reminders of a terrible misery in a segment that was usually done worse by a 2010 magnitude-7.0 trembler that killed some-more than 220,000 and replaced many more.

“There are a lot of kids who don’t have a lot going on,” he said. “They don’t have an preparation and they are vital on a street.”

Carlyle got used to conference one quite dispirited acknowledgement from children when they saw him juggle.

After being dazzled by his ability to manipulate objects in a atmosphere with ease, a series of kids during opposite stops would proceed Carlyle and tell him they’d adore to learn to juggle, if usually they could have their possess props like his.

So Carlyle found a approach to pass on his adore of sophistry though carrying to give divided his equipment.

“When kids would contend they had zero to juggle, we would collect adult a integrate rocks and uncover them,” he said. “I would squeeze my hat, a shoe, an umbrella.”

Performers with Clowns Without Borders, that was founded in 1993 by a veteran jester in Spain and has given grown to embody spin-offs in 8 other countries, have done mixed trips to a Caribbean nation to yield “psychosocial support” given it was scorched by a trembler 4 years ago.

“We’re not as essential as food and water, though there’s a role,” pronounced Clowns Without Borders USA President David “Leapin’ Louie” Lichtenstein, who lives in Portland and is a crony and impulse to Carlyle. “Just creation kids happy is valuable. This is quite critical after a disaster or wartime. Often a doctrine to kids is, ‘It’s protected now, we can sleep.’ Sometimes kids are in a post-traumatic startle and they need to laugh.”

While it was discouraging to declare a extinction and misery that have taken a fee on a people of Haiti, Carlyle returned home feeling he and other Clowns Without Borders helped make a disproportion in their possess special way.

Somewhere in Haiti, there competence only be a tiny child tossing 3 rocks in a atmosphere while perplexing to impersonate a stupid red-haired man who took a time to share a smile.

“There are some formidable things to watch — a wickedness and things like that,” Carlyle said. “Overall, Haitian people are pleasing and kind and unequivocally good during creation do with what they have.”

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