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September 9, 2018 - Essential Water

Commentary: In New Mexico, it can be easy to take a open lands and beautiful, singular landscapes for granted. After all, many of us have been hunting, hiking, fishing, and enjoying a outdoor a whole lives. These traditions handed down from era to era instilled in us an appreciation for a land and a heritage.

But on a new outing to Rio Grande del Norte National Monument we was reminded how propitious we am and how most we mount to remove if we don’t pronounce adult for a land we adore and use.

As a diver and videographer, I’ve been propitious adequate to mix dual things I’m really ardent about into a career using my possess film business. So on a pleasing Aug weekend we trafficked to Rio Grande del Norte for some fishing and sport and to constraint a story of one of a critical programs that creates enjoying this fantastic place possible: a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Not too many people have listened of LWCF even nonetheless it’s been extravagantly successful. LWCF is saved by a apportionment of offshore oil and gas drilling royalties. The royalties are used for charge projects. These projects embody all from improvements during city parks to land swaps that boost open lands entrance to replacement projects on rivers and streams. All this during no cost to taxpayers – one of a things that creates it so amazing!

In a box of Rio Grande del Norte, LWCF dollars were put toward a land merger that increasing a distance of a relic and non-stop additional entrance for a public. Land acquisitions like this, purchased from peaceful sellers, make entrance for sportsmen and women easier and give internal economies a boost with some-more recreationists visiting a area.

That’s a technical side of LWCF. The genuine impact is felt by roughly each family opposite a country. That’s not an exaggeration: LWCF supports have left to each Congressional district in America and each county in New Mexico. It’s had a outrageous impact for everybody who uses their internal city park, a open pool, visits a ancestral site, or heads out for a weekend on their open lands. Not everybody can means to put their whole family on a craft for a vacation, though roughly all of us can travel down a travel to a internal park or spend a weekend on open lands.

Last month, we was propitious adequate to join a father and son on an antelope hunt in a Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. It can be easy to forget only how most work and how most income goes into creation areas like this accessible, generally when carrying a good time harvesting an animal with your family, though but LWCF, this hunt competence not have been possible.

Unfortunately, we’re now in a quarrel to save this critical fund. On Sep 30th, LWCF is set to expire. All of a Congressional representatives in New Mexico need to hear from their voters about how critical it is to henceforth reauthorize and entirely account this critical charge apparatus and not let it expire.

Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich along with Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham have all taken many actions to support full appropriation for LWCF and get a module reauthorized. Unfortunately, Congressman Steve Pearce has nonetheless to support LWCF. In fact, this past summer he voted twice to frame appropriation from this critical charge program.

Despite this divide, LWCF enjoys bi-partisan support in Congress, as it should.  We titillate Congress to get a pursuit finished by Sep 30th and not let LWCF expire.

Gregg Flores

Sportsman and Filmmaker

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