Essential is still struggling to make new colors of the phone

November 2, 2017 - Essential Water

It took Essential dual additional months to ship a white version of its phone, and it sounds like it could be a integrate months some-more before a association has put out all 4 colors that it betrothed during launch. In a Reddit AMA yesterday, Essential pattern VP Dave Evans wrote that the familiar “Ocean Depths” model still had “lingering issues … that don’t accommodate a standards.” It’s not totally transparent how distant from a launch it still is, though Evans pronounced that it’s “getting so close.”

Before that happens, Essential expects to boat a matte black chronicle of a phone, famous as Stellar Gray. That indication is entrance “very soon,” according to Linda Jiang, Essential’s conduct of industrial design. Asked since a gray indication was delayed, Essential product pattern executive Will Leggett pronounced that a association had to rise a new polishing routine in sequence to get a uniform demeanour and texture. It sounds like Essential has a routine for this tone mostly worked out, that would explain since a group seems assured in observant it’ll be shipping before a blue-green model.

In integrity to Essential, it isn’t a initial phone association to be stymied by new colors. Apple behind a recover of a white iPhone 4 by 10 months, and we can gamble that Apple had a lot some-more engineers on a problem, and a lot some-more income to chuck during it, than Essential does. And while these serve delays aren’t good for a code new company, new colors could assistance pull renewed courtesy to a Essential Phone, that recently saw a really high cost cut.

Bolstering that is a fact that Essential keeps on adding new features to a phones, despite facilities that are customary on a lot of other flagship phones. In a AMA, a association says that it skeleton to supplement a mural mode to a camera, since it can use a additional black and white sensor on a behind to accumulate abyss information. “Stay tuned, we aren’t utterly prepared to put a recover date on it,” writes Essential program VP Rebecca Zavin. “But we’re aiming to get it to we in 2017.”

As for what comes after that, a association says it’s already “plugging away” during a Essential Phone 2. There aren’t any sum to share yet, though a association seems really wakeful that people are meddlesome in H2O resistance, that a initial indication lacked. “IP67 has been a resounding ask from a customers,” Leggett writes. “The good thing is, this give me some-more fuel to pull on Linda [Jiang, conduct of industrial design] for a subsequent phone.”

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