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July 10, 2015 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Thursday, Jul 9. The Little Tokyo confectionery that initial combined delicious mochi ice cream only sole to a Los Angeles-based private equity firm. That means a chocolate, strawberry and immature tea treats could be entrance to a store nearby you. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


Political representation 

Latinos are now a largest racial organisation in California, according to a U.S. Census, yet they’re still not equally represented in state politics. That’s partly since some are in a nation illegally and can't vote. The Latino race also tends to be younger than a ubiquitous race and therefore not as expected to spin out for elections. “By any measure, Latinos are really underrepresented during each spin of supervision in California,” pronounced a orator for a California Latino Legislative Caucus. Los Angeles Times 

Crime surge

Crime rates are augmenting in a city of Los Angeles for a initial time in some-more than a decade. Aside from homicide, all categories of violent and skill crime were adult in a initial 6 months of a year. Officials aren’t certain since there’s some-more violence, nonetheless they bring Proposition 47, an uptick in homelessness and an boost in squad activity as contributing factors. “This is bad news. Let me be clear: Any uptick in crime is unacceptable,” pronounced Mayor Eric Garcetti. Los Angeles Times 



DWP rates: Los Angeles is perplexing to do dual things — save H2O and repair damaged H2O pipes. The Department of Water and Power is proposing to do both by a new tiered pricing structure. Heavy H2O users could see their bills boost 30% over 5 years. The devise will now go by a 120-day open examination period. It eventually would need a capitulation of a L.A. City Council to take effect. Los Angeles Times

Celebrity drought-shaming: Did “Magnum, P.I.” star Tom Selleck take H2O from a glow hydrant nearby his Hidden Valley ranch? That’s what a genuine private questioner found after the Calleguas Municipal Water District found after they put him on a case, according to justice documents. A deputy for Selleck has not responded to a allegations. Los Angeles Times

Natural beauty: Despite a drought, Yosemite National Park is as pleasing as ever, as these 11 photos show. Business Insider (photo gallery)

Drought fee: State H2O officials are deliberation either to pointer off on hefty fines for water-wasters. Members of a State Water Resources Control Board, however, seem prone to leave a fees and fines adult to internal H2O agencies. Daily News



Bring cash: Buying a medium residence in Southern California is some-more rival than ever, writes columnist Steve Lopez. Homes are customarily going for good over a seeking price, and sellers preference buyers with all-cash offers. “The margin is some-more neatly slanted than ever when some people compensate for houses a approach many people compensate for groceries,” he writes. Los Angeles Times

Rising rents: Why would a landlord lease an unit to a reside when he can lease to lots of short-term renters, like tourists, and assign some-more money? That’s a doubt in a Los Angeles housing market, generally now that new total uncover landlords could make scarcely twice as most income by holding ideally good apartments off a marketplace and treating them some-more like hotel rooms. Curbed LA

New bugs: When a house keeper during the Natural History Museum challenged curator Brian Brown to find a new class of insect, he did — in her backyard. That spurred a three-year module called Biodiversity Science: City and Nature, and tents popped adult in backyards via Los Angeles. New Yorker



Smoking section: The tobacco run had a good day Wednesday in Sacramento. A state senator forsaken his check to umpire e-cigarettes after it was gutted by a Assembly. And a second check that would have increasing a smoking age from 18 to 21 unsuccessful to get adequate votes in committee. Los Angeles Times

Historical figures: Two facile schools in Long Beach and San Diego would have to change their names underneath a due state bill. State Sen. Steve Glazer wants to demarcate California properties from being named after Confederate leaders, like Robert E. Lee, whose name is on both of those schools. Los Angeles Times

Environmental policy: Gov. Jerry Brown’s word of a day is “troglodytes.” That’s how he described people who repudiate a hazard of meridian change. “We’re on a Titanic unless we turn,” he pronounced in a debate in Toronto. Los Angeles Times

Political loophole: An help to a personality of a state Senate supposed a vaporizer and some edibles from a medical pot lobbyist that exceeded a boundary of a state’s Political Reform Act. However, it turns out he did not indeed violate a law. That’s since even yet Josh Drayton presented himself as an help to Kevin De Leon — and hexed business cards with a state Senate sign — he indeed works for a Democratic Party. Buzzfeed

No contest: There is not one Democrat who has lifted his or her palm to plea San Diego’s Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer. One plea is that Democrats there have a formidable time winning in Jun primaries. KPBS (audio)



Smaller, faster: L.A.’s Metro agency is deliberation some-more visit train service. But it would meant some-more swarming buses, fewer train stops and a rejecting of routes in low-ridership neighborhoods. Essentially, a smaller yet faster train network. City Lab

Got change? The silver purse is about to make a quip in San Francisco. In 30 days, a city will assign a fee any time a motorist uses a credit label or smartphone to compensate for a parking meter. For a last 5 years, a sovereign extend lonesome that fee. SF Gate



Tax exemption: It was only after 1 a.m. when the Anaheim City Council agreed not to collect an admissions taxation on Disneyland tickets for a subsequent 30 years. In exchange, a thesis park will spend $1 billion on a thesis park expansion. Last year Disney, that is a largest employer in Orange County, paid a city $56 million in property, sales and hotel taxes. Los Angeles Times



Ick factor: You might wish to put down your coffee for this story. Surveillance footage from a doughnut shop in Riverside County shows cocktail singer Ariana Grande beating a juicy treats that were left on a tray unattended. And yes, all of those doughnuts were sole to business after that night. Los Angeles Times

Military jail: A 22-year-old male from West L.A. always wanted to offer in a military. When he graduated high school, he sealed adult for the Israeli Defense Forces. So, how did this sole soldier, who trafficked to Israel to serve, breeze adult in jail on terrorism charges? LA Weekly



San Francisco has a possibility of thunderstorms with a high of 64. San Diego could have drizzle in a morning, afterwards clouds and 70 degrees. Drizzle and haze in Los Angeles this morning. Temperatures will strech 71. Riverside will be cloudy, presumably rainy, and 75 degrees.



The L.A. Unified School District is a latest classification to cut ties with Donald Trump after he called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers. The district was scheduled to horde a fundraiser during a Trump National Golf Course in November. Moving a eventuality to a opposite venue will cost LAUSD $7,500 — since a billionaire businessman says he won’t reinstate a district’s deposit.


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