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September 11, 2016 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Wednesday, Sept. 7. A bride and groom. A sunset. Yosemite. Those are a mixture for an extraordinary photograph. Here’s what is function in a Golden State:


Cold box gets warm

It’s a two-decade-old mystery. What happened to Cal Poly student Kristin Smart, who dead though a trace? This week, a cold box got new life. The FBI and internal military are digging on a San Luis Obispo campus, anticipating to find her body. Los Angeles Times


Time with a saint: Jerry Brown and his weeks in a slums of Calcutta with Mother Teresa. Sacramento Bee

Campaign swing: Republican clamp presidential hopeful Mike Pence is in California this week to lift income and pronounce during a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Los Angeles Times

Sexist graffiti: In San Francisco, Hillary Ronen’s supervisorial debate had to batch adult on white paint this weekend after a vandal spray-painted a misogynistic offence on her bureau door. “Bullying danger creates us work harder! When they go low we go high,” she wrote in a tweet. SFist

Election issue: How a emanate of homelessness is holding over one domestic competition in Orange County. KCRW


Rowdy night: Before former 49ers parsimonious finish Bruce Miller allegedly punched out a 70-year-old male early Monday morning, he was during a renouned restaurant fighting over a sandwich, according to a establishment’s manager. Miller was during Tommy’s Joynt when he got into a quarrel with a patron and allegedly attempted to squeeze a sandwich. He was expelled by a football group shortly after being requisitioned during San Francisco County Jail. NBC Bay Area

Bad idea: Authorities in Orange County contend a male and a lady impersonating military officers picked a automobile to try to lift over. Its motorist was an off-duty sergeant. What was their motive? “We don’t unequivocally ever see vigilante trade enforcement,” pronounced Tom Joy, a CHP officer and spokesman. Orange County Register


Unconfirmed reports: Two schoolchildren in Riverside County might have leprosy, also famous as Hansen’s disease. It will take weeks to endorse either a children during Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley in fact do have a disease. “Even if a cases were reliable … leprosy is not simply transmitted to others, and we don’t feel like there’s a risk in a propagandize setting,” pronounced Barbara Cole, executive of illness control for a Riverside County Department of Public Health. Los Angeles Times

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