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August 17, 2015 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Monday, Aug. 17. Musician Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers has a new hobby — bees. The bassist’s Los Angeles backyard is home to 3 hives and 180,000 bees. Here’s what is function in a Golden State:


Effect of aloft wages

One Bay Area pizza place is saying firsthand a outcome of lifting the smallest wage. Now that all employees make between $15 and $25 an hour, Lanesplitter Pizza Pub charges as most as $30 for a pizza. Although some business have welcomed a new vital wages, others have balked during aloft prices. Sales are down 25% and some locations have had to tighten for lunch. “The prerequisite of profitable people a vital salary in a Bay Area is clear, so it’s tough to disagree opposite it, and it’s something I’m unequivocally unapproachable to be means to try doing. At a same time, I’m shocked of going out of business after 18 years,” pronounced Vic Gumper. Los Angeles Times

State finances

The state’s statute Democrats wish to correct roads, build some-more low-income housing and account open healthcare. To do so, Californians could face billions of dollars in new taxes and fees. Those proposals come even as a state’s income exceeds projections. And GOP leaders are already expressing skepticism. “I don’t consider there will be any seductiveness in lifting taxes any further,” pronounced Assembly GOP personality Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto). Los Angeles Times

Drought preparedness

California’s H2O officials are already scheming for a next large drought. Those projects embody desalination plants, next-generation irrigation systems and a reimagining of landscaping. “Gone will be a large projects once erected to conflict H2O shortages. In their place will be a horde of incremental measures, any designed to do some-more with what inlet provides.” Los Angeles Times


Barren farmlands: In the Palo Verde Valley, farmers are fallowing their land so their H2O can be purchased by a Metropolitan Water District and distributed to civic customers. For farmers, a arrangement can yield a steady, arguable source of income. “I’m a rancher myself. For me, a [fallowing] module is not a success unless it advantages both parties,” pronounced Randy Record, authority of a MWD Board. Los Angeles Times

Viva Las Vegas: Despite external appearance, Sin City has indeed mastered H2O management and fared distant improved than California in a drought. “The tough extent on Nevada’s supply from a Colorado River gave a city an inducement to reason down a use prolonged before it became urgent.” The Economist

Beating a drought: California appears to be banishment on all cylinders and doing a best opposite a drought. That might be given “the state has been getting prepared for this drought for a past 20 years.” That means modernizing a irrigation system, recycling H2O and branch sea H2O into celebration water. New York Times


Traffic safety: Angelenos have had a preview of a city’s Mobility Plan 2035, that focuses on adding bicycle and bus-only lanes to a city’s roads, on a widen of Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake. Following a deadly collision there 3 years ago, a city reduced a series of lanes for cars and found it resulted in slower trade and fewer crashes. But neighbors complained it only sent trade onto circuitously residential streets and eventually caused vital backups during rush hour. Los Angeles Times


Dark money: Who is donating to campaigns in a city of Los Angeles? It can be misleading when donations are given by companies that share CEOs and addresses. The routine of final either such companies are owned by a same chairman is a complicated, vapid process. “We shorten a volume that any one particular or entity can give. But flitting it by countless companies can be a approach of removing around a restrictions,” pronounced Kathay Feng with California Common Cause. Los Angeles Times

Candidates’ criticisms: Three presidential possibilities respond to Gov. Jerry Brown’s plea to come adult with ideas on tellurian warming and a drought. Sen. Ted Cruz, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former executive Carly Fiorina instead trust state officials should have built some-more dams and reservoirs to improved constraint stormwater in soppy years. Sacramento Bee

The anti-Trump: In a summer that seems dominated by a vast antics of billionaire presidential claimant Donald Trump, columnist Cathleen Decker reflects on a politician who was a anti-Trump — former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley. “There is Bradley, with his peers, operative not on sour gibes though on a large things — a enlargement of a city, a misery of many of a citizens, a loftiness of a extravagantly successful Olympic Games, burning assault in a form of a race-based riot,” she writes. Los Angeles Times

River plans: The city of Long Beach is looking to refurbish a skeleton for the L.A. River now that designer Frank Gehry’s impasse is publicly known. “The River Link devise should simulate this profoundly certain development, as good as all a other good work that’s been finished over a final 8 years,” pronounced Mayor Robert Garcia. Long Beach Press-Telegram


Posted signs: An Angeleno who sued a city of Los Angeles for towing his minivan after it remained parked on a travel for some-more than 72 hours kick his traffic ticket. A decider concluded that a city should have posted that vehicles can't be on a travel for some-more than 3 days. But from there, a box becomes some-more complicated. Los Angeles Times

Planes crash: Five people were killed Sunday when dual tiny airplanes collided over a eastern partial of San Diego County. Both planes were trying to land during Brown Field airport. Los Angeles Times

Fire rages: Firefighters continue to work on a glow north of Glendora famous as the Cabin fire. The glow pennyless out Friday and broken during slightest 3 cabins and an outhouse. Los Angeles Times

Suspect killed: A male suspected of kidnapping and a slaying of a assent officer was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies in Kern County over a weekend. Police had been pursuing Benjamin Peter Ashley for weeks in a hunt that forced internal schools and even partial of a Pacific Crest Trail to close down. Los Angeles Times


Room and board: More and some-more students find that it’s cheaper to live off campus than sojourn in a dorm and rest on dining halls for meals. Room and house during a state’s universities are rising during rates double that of inflation. UCLA officials guess a tyro can save during slightest $4,000 a year by vital off campus. Los Angeles Times


Valuable land: A 4.5-acre trailer park in Silicon Valley could be value as most as $55 million. But what would it meant to a village to remove one of a final affordable places in a region? City and county leaders are expecting they can pool together adequate supports to save a park. Wall Street Journal

Landmark remade: After scarcely 4 years of construction, a L.A. landmark cafeteria Clifton’s is set to free subsequent month. “Patrons will find a three-story atrium has been forged into a building — where they will confront a 250-pound meteorite perched on a Gothic-style bar fashioned out of a century-old church tabernacle from Boston.” Los Angeles Times

Galaxy not so distant away: A “Star Wars”-themed area is entrance to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It will cover 14 acres of land. “We are formulating a jaw-dropping new universe that represents a largest singular themed land enlargement ever,” pronounced Disney Chairman Bob Iger. Fans have been expecting a thesis park additions given a association acquired Lucasfilms and a “Star Wars” authorization in 2012. Orange County Register

NorCal challenge: An 11-year-old lady was only one of a hundreds of competitors to tackle a Alcatraz Challenge in San Francisco. It enclosed a 1.5-mile float from a island to Crissy Field and a seven-mile run. SF Gate


Los Angeles will have copiousness of object and 88 degrees. Some areas of San Francisco will have low clouds. There will also be fever and 76 degrees. Riverside will be balmy and 98 degrees. San Diego will have transparent skies and 81 degrees.


This week’s birthdays for famous Californians:

Businessman Larry Ellison (Aug. 17), actor Sean Penn (Aug. 17), decathlete Rafer Johnson (Aug. 18), actor and executive Robert Redford (Aug. 18), actor John Stamos (Aug. 19), Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Aug. 21), cook Giada De Laurentiis (Aug. 22).

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