Essential California: Landmarks in ashes, and of memory, confront …

December 23, 2017 - Essential Water

Good morning, and acquire to a Essential California newsletter. It is Saturday, Dec. 23. Here’s what we don’t wish to skip this weekend:


After a fire: Two weeks after a Thomas fire, scarcely everybody in Ventura has a story to tell. With some-more than 500 homes mislaid and 27,000 residents evacuated, no one is a foreigner to this disaster. They spin to one another in restaurants and diners, checkout lines and a post bureau and share their stories as if difference could lay a substructure for their new lives. Initially they asked, “Did we remove your home?” Now it’s, “How are we doing?” in an bargain that security matter reduction than concerns of a heart. Los Angeles Times

Plus: As a Thomas glow raged in a hills above a strand city of Oxnard, a shops were dull and a streets were silent. Winds had pushed fume down from a blaze, shrouding buildings, cars and trees with a thick covering of white charcoal that was dangerous to breathe but respirators, according to open health officials. But in a immeasurable strawberry fields outward town, work continued as usual. Los Angeles Times