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December 26, 2015 - Essential Water

Merry Christmas. It’s Friday, Dec. 25. For an moving holiday story about Los Angeles, we spin a time behind to 1969: the “hobo” favourite and a patrolman who would be famous. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


Holiday disrupted

For thousands of Porter Ranch residents replaced by a large gas leak, a holidays have been a pell-mell and frustrating time. They are vital out of hotels, forced to diminish Christmas skeleton and uncertain when they will pierce behind into their homes. Los Angeles Times

San Bernardino questions

The army of investigators probing a San Bernardino militant conflict is still perplexing to answer some pivotal questions about a integrate who killed 14 people. Who knew about a couple’s flourishing friendship to jihad? Did anyone know of their plot? Did a integrate devise other massacres that day? And where did they go between a sharpened uproar before noon on Dec. 2 and a shootout with military that killed them 4 hours later? Los Angeles Times

Living legacy

After a Watts riots in 1965, F. Ruth Moore looked around South L.A. and saw a village ripped by poverty, joblessness, despair. She motionless to chuck an annual party to make certain a children of a village got a correct Christmas no matter their circumstances. Moore has given died, though a celebration goes on. Los Angeles Times


El Niño protection: Extending a seawall. Cleaning out storms drains. Replacing inundate control engines. These are some of things Huntington Beach is doing to forestall flooding during arriving El Niño storms. Los Angeles Times

Water works: How most H2O is being constructed by a array of winter storms in a Sierras? Folsom Lake combined 18 billion gallons of H2O in dual days. Sacramento Bee


LAX milestone: The attainment of ride-sharing services during LAX should beget income for a airport. But if a practice of other airports are any guide, parking revenues could go down along with business to taxis and outpost float shares. Los Angeles Times

Christmas spirit: Workers during an Ontario bureau park chipped in to buy their dear security guard a new $14,000 Ford Focus after automobile troubles incited his invert into a two-hour nightmare. Daily Breeze

Train to WeHo: Metro Rail using adult La Brea or Fairfax avenues? That’s partial of a formidable offer West Hollywood is pitching to get rail service into a city. Curbed LA

River fight: Is a discuss over a destiny of a Los Angeles River being framed in extremes? Is there some-more common belligerent than we think? LA Observed


Downey pardon: Robert Downey Jr. is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But in a 1990s, he was scandalous for bad function and spent time behind bars on drug convictions. Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday gave him a pardon, effectively scrubbing his rapist record clean. Los Angeles Times

Big talker: U.S. Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa of Richvale stood on a House building and addressed colleagues on 72 of 157 legislative days this year, some-more than any other member of California’s congressional delegation. Los Angeles Times

New dog in town: Many have listened of Sutter, Jerry Brown’s famous corgi famous as “California’s initial dog.” But Brown his mother have another dog, Miss Colusa, who is perplexing to share a limelight. Sacramento Bee

Rocky roads: Is there any wish for regulating California’s worst roads? CALmatters


Unwrapped: Toy unboxing has turn a large business on YouTube. The peculiar — and hugely renouned — materialisation attracts millions of eyeballs. Some unboxers have turn Internet stars, earning millions of dollars a year in ad income and autocratic large fees for appearances. Los Angeles Times

Bad bikers, S.F. style: A new “crime” trend in San Francisco and Marin County: outlaw mud bike gangs. “They accommodate during a marina, during a yacht club, customarily Friday night.” Check out a video. SFist

Otter fun: Something for a holiday iPad: a sea otter personification with her darling baby puppy during a Monterey Bay Aquarium. ABC 7

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