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April 12, 2015 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Saturday, Apr 11. Here are a few stories to keep we bustling this weekend:  

Hollywood for Hillary: Hillary Clinton will strictly announce her presidential debate tomorrow. She already has a support of Hollywood’s domestic kingmaker, Jeffrey Katzenberg. Eight years ago, Katzenberg corroborated Barack Obama in a extreme quarrel between a dual Democrats. “The core of energy in a Democratic Party in terms of income unequivocally has changed to Katzenberg,” according to one domestic strategist. Hollywood Reporter

Hiring some-more amicable workers: When L.A. County’s bill offer is expelled subsequent week, it will call for employing some-more than 500 amicable workers. The Department of Children and Family Services is mostly criticized for not carrying adequate amicable workers, and overloading a ones they do have. L.A. Times

Early warning system: The GPS sensors in smartphones might be supportive adequate to detect a bulk 7 earthquake before it hits.  A vital challenge, however, would be that phones are mostly in motion. Real-world tests are approaching subsequent year. L.A. Times

Violent ends to pursuits: The aroused finish to a horseback-pursuit in Apple Valley was only a latest instance of a “feeding frenzy” that can start during a finish of a chase. Such endings can lead to multimillion-dollar payouts to suspects and sometimes, a change in military procedures. Many times those changes come from clashes held on tape. L.A. Times

Protesting H2O cuts: San Diego officials are protesting orders from a state to cut H2O use by 20%. They contend a direct does not take into comment charge efforts a segment implemented years ago. LA. Times

Transgender acceptance: For months, tabloids have speculated that Olympic bullion medalist Bruce Jenner is commencement a transition to vital as a woman. The coverage, mostly derisive and salacious, is a step backward, according to the transgender community. “The summary it sends, generally if we don’t know anyone else who is trans, is that we are a fun and we are a weird show,” pronounced one transgender activist. Jenner is approaching to speak about a emanate after this month with ABC’s Diane Sawyer. L.A. Times

Standard of living: The housing marketplace in San Francisco has gotten so out of control that a rat-infested place that was home to a hoarder and a mummified physique could sell for $2.5 million. “The people looking during hoarder houses are developers or investors, so a fact that someone upheld divided — either mummified or not — it doesn’t worry them a bit,” pronounced one genuine estate agent. San Francisco Chronicle

Magic dispute: The family behind Los Angeles’ famous Magic Castle is fighting over income now that a income is increasing. The 83-year-old co-founder and his niece are approaching to be in intervention subsequent week in hopes of avoiding a open trial. Hollywood Reporter

Interactive art: San Francisco has a sculpture that observers can control with their mind — really. “Neuroflowers” is connected to a headset, that can tell when a user concentrates or relaxes focus. That causes a flower to change colors and move. City Lab

Big respect for dual DJs: KROQ’s Kevin Ryder and Gene “Bean” Baxter were so astounded by their initiation into a Broadcasting Hall of Fame that they suspicion they were being pranked by former sports anchor Jimmy Kimmel. “Honest to God, we feel like if Vin Scully is a partial of something, we shouldn’t be anywhere nearby it,” Ryder said. Orange County Register


This week’s many renouned stories in Essential California


  1. Sorry, East Coast — In-N-Out doesn’t have any skeleton to expand. Business Insider

  2. Visiting San Diego? You might need a phrasebook for these 18 words. Buzzfeed

  3. This draft will tell we that dishes are a biggest H2O hogs. L.A. Times

  4. Expo Line trains are finally using west of Culver City (even if it’s only a test). Metro

  5. Wealthier cities are descending behind when it comes to H2O conservation. L.A. Times


ICYMI, here are this week’s California Great Reads

Maverick sheriff: In Kern County, Sheriff Donny Youngblood bucks a state’s prevalent attitudes toward immigration policy. L.A. Times

Capturing a Valley: The L.A. Public Library is archiving tens of thousands of photographs that uncover how a San Fernando Valley grew from a 1940s to 1970. L.A. Times

Two bars: They’re side-by-side, though these dual bars in Boyle Heights are unequivocally worlds detached from one another. L.A. Times


Looking Ahead

–The Metropolitan Water District will take adult a H2O rationing devise for a members.

–California H2O agencies wait a justice preference on a legality of tiered rates designed to coax conservation.

Sprinkles Cupcakes will applaud a 10th anniversary Monday by handing out giveaway cupcakes.

— The Star Wars Celebration gathering will start Thursday in Anaheim.


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