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July 22, 2015 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Tuesday, Jul 21. Do we adore hamburgers yet wish they came with usually a bit some-more powdered sugar? You’re in fitness — a Orange County Fair is charity adult a funnel cake burger. Yummy. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


El Niño is coming: This weekend’s downpour, that cleared out a overpass and left a Southern California segment with surprising humidity, is an early pointer of a El Niño charge system. Scientists trust this winter’s complement could be “monstrously strong” interjection to warming sea temperatures. But even if a segment gets a lot of rain, that’s no pledge it would finish a drought. For it to make a difference, El Niño would have to move sleet and sleet to a northern partial of a state. Los Angeles Times

Housing investigation: Los Angeles County will compensate $2 million to victims of housing discrimination in a Antelope Valley. Four years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice began looking into a diagnosis of residents, quite African Americans, vital in Section 8 housing. The feds found housing officials and L.A. County sheriff’s deputies subjected black residents to worse correspondence checks than their white counterparts. Los Angeles Times


Using treated water: California farmers are removing so unfortunate for H2O that they’re now branch to wastewater that’s been treated with ultraviolet light. That would make a H2O purify adequate for crops, yet not purify adequate to drink. But as a city of Modesto looks to boost a use of wastewater, other farmers are endangered that that will leave them with reduction H2O downstream. NPR

Big H2O fine: Last month, officials in Mountain House were scrambling to find a H2O source after the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District was systematic by state officials told to stop ludicrous water. Now, state regulators contend those diversions continued for dual weeks and they wish to excellent a irrigation district $1.5 million. It’s a initial coercion movement of a kind opposite a comparison H2O rights hilt in this drought. Los Angeles Times


Church dispute: A decider wants the Sisters of a Immaculate Heart of Mary to make assent with a Los Angeles Archdiocese. The dual sides are sealed in a quarrelsome quarrel over a convent, that a church wants to sell to cocktail singer Katy Perry. The sisters have due their possess sale of a hilltop skill to restaurateur Dana Hollister. Los Angeles Times

New art exhibits: The Museum of Contemporary Art is partnering with the Underground Museum to move universe category art to African-American and Latino working-class neighborhoods. The initial designation is from William Kentridge. His video designation is screening in Arlington Heights. Los Angeles Times

Preserving history: Activists in a Crescenta Valley are perplexing to safety a feminist symbol. Rockhaven was a sanitarium non-stop by helper Agnes Richards in 1923. Richards was confounded during a diagnosis of women pang from mental conditions so she non-stop Rockhaven as a place where patients would be treated with dignity. Now, supporters wish to safety a 3.5-acre site. LA Weekly

Middle of nowhere: Heavy rains this weekend non-stop adult a array nearby Hell … a town, that is. A flash flood cleared out a overpass and a pickup lorry about 50 miles from Blythe. Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit pronounced a closest structure to a tumble is an deserted gas hire used to fire post-apocalyptic films. Los Angeles Times


High demand: More than half of a new California driver’s licenses released in a initial 6 months of a year went to people who are in a nation illegally. The licenses concede these immigrants to expostulate legally, after holding a exam and receiving insurance, and infer their California residency. Los Angeles Times

Fight over bike lane: A entertain of UCLA students who bike to campus invert on Westwood Boulevard. To make that track safer, a city of Los Angeles is deliberation a southbound bike lane, extending from a campus down to a bike trail along a Metro Expo Line. But a offer is opposite by homeowners and a area’s councilman, who says it would emanate some-more trade and take divided parking spaces. It’s a latest instance of a city’s automobile enlightenment contrary with pedestrians and cyclists. Los Angeles Times

West Nile fatality: California health officials contend a state has had a initial West Nile-related deadliness of a year. This year has seen an uptick in reliable cases of a virus, and officials trust a drought might be to blame. “With fewer sources of H2O for birds and mosquitoes, they’re entrance into closer hit with humans in their hunt for water, augmenting a possibility of transmission.” Los Angeles Times


Lawsuit tossed: A passionate nuisance explain opposite Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto was thrown out by a sovereign decider who found some of a claims done by a dialect worker were unsubstantiated while others fell outward a supervision of limitations. Last fall, a nuisance box filed by a womanlike corrections officer was also thrown out by a sovereign judge. Sacramento Bee


Suing over donation: What is an establishment to do when a donor withdraws a betrothed gift? In a box of St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, it motionless to sue a estate of Paula Kent Meehan, creator of Redken hair products. Years after she betrothed a sanatorium $5 million, Meehan withdrew a gift. She died final year and now a sanatorium is contrast a authorised speculation that a betrothed present was legally binding, even if it means exposing itself to disastrous publicity. Los Angeles Times


Assigning blame: SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes that a partial purchased from a sub-contractor is obliged for final month’s destruction of a rocket. From now on, he said, SpaceX will exam each steel strut used on a rockets. Los Angeles Times

Long-awaited apology: A 94-year-old World War II maestro was during the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles this weekend to hear an reparation that was 70 years in a making. It came from an executive with Mitsubishi, that used American POWs as slaves in a copper mines. James Murphy attended a rite on interest of a 12,000 American prisoners forced to work for a Japanese supervision and private companies during a war. Christian Science Monitor

Closing for renovations: The 21st Century is throwing adult to Richard Nixon’s presidential library. The permanent galleries during a Yorba Linda library will close down for a yearlong restoration that will move in some-more interactive exhibits. Right now, a many interactive partial of a library is a Watergate exhibit, where visitors can listen to tapes from a Oval Office. Orange County Register

Kitty custody: Two women in Northern California are sealed in a control brawl over a cat. When David, also famous as Whiley, was 2 years old, he ran divided from home. He was adopted by a lady who usually recently detected that a cat had a microchip underneath his skin. The box centers around a California law that says anyone who finds an animal contingency make a good faith bid to find a strange owner. San Francisco Chronicle


San Diego will be partly balmy and wet during 78 degrees. Los Angeles will be 82 degrees and partly sunny. In Riverside, it will be partly balmy and 84 degrees. San Francisco can design some fever and 69 degrees.


When we strech for a Popsicle on one of these prohibited summer nights, remember that we can appreciate a Bay Area male for inventing a cold treat. Frank Epperson was usually 11 years aged when he churned soda powder with H2O and let a mixture solidify overnight.

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