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March 10, 2016 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Thursday, Mar 10. Animals during a Los Angeles Zoo are really removing into selfies. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


Health warning

More than half a adults in California have diabetes or pre-diabetes, according to researchers during UCLA. The biggest problem with pre-diabetes, that occurs when blood glucose levels are aloft than normal, is that many people don’t know they have a condition. “This investigate is a barometer that’s revelation us that a charge is coming,” pronounced Harold Goldstein, conduct of a California Center for Public Health Advocacy. Los Angeles Times

Paying respects

Visitors are creation their approach to a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley to contend goodbye to former First Lady Nancy Reagan. “Presidents and initial ladies give an awful lot to us. This is a possibility to uncover a honour and contend goodbye. That’s because people come out,” pronounced one mourner. A private wake is scheduled for Friday. Los Angeles Times


Land grab: The Metropolitan Water District purchased 4 islands in a Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The land could be used for fish and wildlife habitats or to yield entrance to construction of a delta hovel system. The squeeze cost was in a $200-million range. Los Angeles Times

Make it rain: For a initial time given 2002, a Department of Public Works used cloud seeding Monday to boost H2O supplies. “The generators fire china iodide into a clouds, formulating ice particles. Water fog freezes onto those particles, that tumble as rain.” City News Service


Not over yet: Now that a gas trickle in Aliso Canyon has been sealed, thousands of families are relocating behind to their Porter Ranch homes. But there are still lingering effects. Hundreds of people are still feeling sick. And a area park was close down after oil excess was detected on a play equipment. Los Angeles Times

Moving forward: Employees with San Bernardino County’s Environmental Health Services are perplexing to find ways to pierce brazen from final year’s lethal sharpened that left 14 passed and 22 injured. That includes a sum restoration of their county office. “Pretty most make all as new and as opposite as probable so that it doesn’t look, smell or feel like it did before,” pronounced David Wert, a county’s open information officer. 89.3 KPCC

Take a hike: The new Metro Gold Line track can take we to some good hikes during a bottom of a San Gabriel Mountains. Curbed LA


Brown lives matter: Why do Latinos in a U.S. seem to have a “rage deficit”? Writer Héctor Tobar has this idea: “We hear a voice of a mothers saying, ‘Mijos, we usually debase yourself if we lash behind during an insult.’” Instead of marching in a streets, many immature Latinos are going to school, operative full time and looking for domestic possibilities who support immigration reform. New York Times

Secret meeting: Silicon Valley’s tech giants met with tip members of a Republican establishment this weekend to speak about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. “The business mogul’s biggest weakness, according to [Karl] Rove, was that electorate have a really tough time envisioning him as ‘presidential’ and as somebody their children should demeanour adult to.” Huffington Post

Harsh words: A West Hollywood city assemblyman is job out one of his colleagues for what he sees as inapt function for an inaugurated official. At a assembly Monday night, Councilman John D’Amico pronounced he frequently sees Councilman John Duran “trolling on Grindr for men” during legislature meetings and open events. The comments followed a council’s preference to compensate $500,000 to Duran’s former deputy, who indicted his trainer of passionate harassment. Duran concurred a dual had a attribute though denied any wrongdoing. WEHOville


Arrested and charged: Three people were arrested and charged with abduction a 20-year-old lady for a functions of intimately exploiting her. The lady was “viciously assaulted” by dual group who afterwards posted cinema of her to “The turn of sophistication, a profitableness with that they supposing her with a nickname and moniker for a functions of sexual exploitation … this was something that was very, really informed to this trio, and very, really disconcerting to us,” pronounced Capt. Merrill Ladenheim with a L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Los Angeles Times

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