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November 12, 2015 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Thursday, Nov. 12. A Los Angeles dog hiker is holding his charges to landmarks opposite a city. Pictures of a canines in front of a Hollywood pointer and unresolved out in a L.A. River can be seen on his Instagram account. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


Falling behind on a job

The 1.9-mile Downtown Regional Connector is already over bill and behind schedule, even nonetheless tunneling hasn’t even begun. Metro says in a new news that it has spent millions from a haven comment to pierce electrical lines and utilities. “There are always astonishing costs — so most so that one could disagree they shouldn’t be unexpected,” pronounced a USC highbrow who studies engineering and transportation. Los Angeles Times

A quarterback for Carson stadium

Disney CEO Robert Iger will lead efforts by the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to build a track in Carson. As authority of Carson Holdings, Iger will be obliged for employing a boss and providing a prophesy for a National Football League track and fan experience. It substantially doesn’t harm that Disney owns ESPN, a radio partner with a league. Los Angeles Times

Another Geffen present to UCLA

Billionaire David Geffen is donating $100 million to build a private center propagandize and high propagandize on a UCLA Westwood campus partly for a children of expertise and staff. Geffen and Chancellor Gene Block described a bid as a recruiting and influence apparatus for those who might be disturbed about a cost of vital and peculiarity of schools in Los Angeles. The Geffen Academy is approaching to open in 2017 with 125 students. Los Angeles Times


Fresh powder: From Lake Tahoe and Mt. Rose to Mammoth Mountain, member during ski resorts are braggadocio about their snow from new storms. The sleet is good for ski bunnies, though it’s not adequate to finish California’s drought yet. “The pivotal date for California’s snowpack is 5 months away: Apr 1, when a towering snowpack is entirely during a rise and state hydrologists know roughly how most warp H2O it will furnish to assistance fill reservoirs in a open and early summer.” Los Angeles Times

Keep Tahoe blue: Lake Tahoe‘s H2O is famous for a tone and clarity. The lake has gotten murkier given a 1960s, and now scientists trust that a dual characteristics might be in conflict. “What a investigate is divulgence is that while clarity is tranquil by excellent particulates, azure is tranquil by algal concentration. The reduce a algal concentration, a bluer a lake,” a researchers said. The Atlantic

Burning questions: Here are 10 things we need to know about El Niño, including “Is there anything good about El Niño?” Curbed LA


Teacher housing: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wants to make housing a tiny easier for teachers in a open propagandize system. He has a five-year devise to yield housing for 500 teachers. “In a city where full-time teachers make a median income of $66,960 and median lease for a one-bedroom unit is $3,670 a month, many educators are vital outward a propagandize district.” Los Angeles Times

No open funds: The city of Oakland will do anything to keep a NFL Raiders in city — anything though spend open income on them. Mayor Libby Schaaf “says she can make that box though flash open taxation dollars. Instead, she will stress Oakland’s sepulchral economy and revolutionary fan base.” San Francisco Chronicle

Olympic dreams: Businessman and former Laker Magic Johnson and labor personality Maria Elena Durazo are fasten a debate to move a Olympic Games behind to Los Angeles in 2024. Unsurprisingly, Johnson calls L.A. “the best sports city in America.” Associated Press


Hunger strike: Twenty-six haven seekers during a immigration apprehension center in Adelanto are on a craving strike. They’re seeking a sovereign supervision to recover them from control while their cases are considered. “We will not eat until we see a freedom,” a organisation wrote in a list of demands. Los Angeles Times

Drug trade: Riverside County is believed to be a biggest drug placement center in America interjection to a highways, dried and suburbs, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration. Authorities are seizing vast quantities of meth and heroin. Between 2013 and 2015, officials with a DEA have seized $47 million in cash, vehicles and guns. Desert Sun

Offenders’ rights: Two purebred sex offenders are suing a state, observant it unsuccessful to refurbish information on a Megan’s Law website in a timely fashion. In a lawsuit, a offenders contend they were pounded by vigilantes who found their information on a site, that lacked updated self-assurance and recover dates. Sacramento Bee

Fraud charges: The owners of a Garden Grove medical association are confronting sovereign rascal charges for allegedly participating in a $25-million word scheme. Lee Mathis and Fernando Valdes are indicted of bribing a San Diego chiropractor to impute patients who had been harmed on a job. Orange County Register

Wedding fees: Journey guitarist Neal Schon and a city of San Francisco are settling a lawsuit a musician brought after officials allegedly gouged him on fees for his 2013 marriage during a Palace of Fine Arts. Schon is approaching to accept a $290,000 settlement. His marriage to Michaele Salahi, who gained prominence in 2009 for crashing a White House accepting for a Indian primary minister, was promote on pay-per-view. San Francisco Chronicle


Twins separated: San Ysidro businessman Jack Yufe‘s unusual life sounds like a tract of a movie. Born in Trinidad in 1933, he and his twin hermit were shortly distant by their parents. Yufe grew adult in a Jewish home and even served in a Israeli military. When he was 21 years old, he saw his hermit Oskar Stohr again. They were in Germany, where Stohr had once assimilated a Hitler Youth transformation to survive. Yufe was 82 when he died Monday. Los Angeles Times

Topless entertainer: San Francisco’s Carol Doda was a cocktail waitress who brought topless dancing into a mainstream in a 1960s and 1970s. Once she picked adult a following, Doda had her bust stretched from a 34B to a 44DD. “The usually approach I’ll stop behaving is when we can’t travel anymore, honey,” she told a contributor in 2009. Doda died Monday during a age of 78. SFGate


Lunar celebration: For scarcely 30 years, Orange County’s Little Saigon has hosted a largest Lunar New Year jubilee outward Vietnam. That might change subsequent year. Just hours before a City Council was set to vote, dual organizers withdrew their focus to horde a Tet Festival. Los Angeles Times

Preschool wars: Parents are adult in arms in Silver Lake over a for-profit preschool that has incited into what one mom called “a inconceivable yuppie nightmare.” Jezebel

Freeway names: Why do locals contend take “the” 10 to a “the” 405? KCET


San Diego will be balmy and 75 degrees. It will be balmy and 78 in Los Angeles. Riverside will be breezy and balmy with a high of 77. San Francisco will be partly pale with temperatures reaching 61 degrees.


Today’s California Memory comes from Michael W. Hamilton:

“It’s tough to suppose California though entire cellphones, though my 1950s childhood home had no telephone. We lived on a Las Flores Ranch in Lucerne Valley, owned by my grandfather and managed by my father and my uncle, in a tiny communicative village of plantation hands and their families. The singular group ate and talked during a table. My mom, though a prepare and lassie she’d grown adult with in Beverly Hills, schooled to prepare for as many as 15 inspired men, and me. No phone, no ‘help,’ though she pronounced those years in a high dried with no phone and many mouths to feed were a happiest of her life.”

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