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February 15, 2016 - Essential Water

Good morning. It is Monday, Feb. 15. Two hours, 13 mins and 8 seconds. That’s how prolonged it took Weldon Kirui of Kenya to win a Los Angeles Marathon this weekend. Here’s what else is function in a Golden State:


No RX needed

A new state law approaching to take outcome in Apr will concede California women to obtain birth control pills without a prescription. It will be a third state to have such a law. “The easier it is for someone to entrance medication, a some-more expected they are to use it,” pronounced Sarah McBane, boss of a California Pharmacists Assn. and a highbrow during UC San Diego. Los Angeles Times

Public education

Inglewood’s open schools are among a misfortune in a state, and in response, licence schools have non-stop adult there in vast numbers in new years. While exam scores uncover students during charter schools overall do improved than students during a district schools, a closer demeanour shows a transformation is distant from a cure-all for a struggling city. Los Angeles Times

Political appointees

More sum are rising about a prolonged brawl that led to a ouster final week of a conduct of a California Coastal Commission. Two members of a elect met with Gov. Jerry Brown‘s tip confidant dual weeks progressing and were told a administrator did not devise to intervene, a authority of a elect said. Los Angeles Times 


Turf removal: Last year, a Metropolitan Water District’s territory dismissal module helped coax an rare change in a Southern California landscape. But there are questions about either a module will be around this year. Los Angeles Times 

Gone dry: East Porterville, where thousands of wells have left dry, is descending deeper into despair. Families have run out of water. Employees are out of work. “It’s a highlight and a weight on them. The kids are dirty. Feces stays in toilets. You can clarity a tension. You can feel it and see it in their eyes,” pronounced Fred Beltran Jr., who delivered tanks of H2O when a wells dusty up. Washington Post


A summary for a pope: Angelenos will make a event to El Paso, Texas, this week in a wish of vocalization to Pope Francis about immigration in America. “My hermit and we need a mother. There are many American children who don’t have their relatives since there is no immigration reform,” pronounced Iris Alondra Hipolito, 17, whose mom lives in Mexico since she does not have authorised standing in a States. Los Angeles Times

I do: Love was in a atmosphere Sunday as thousands of runners tackled the Los Angeles Marathon. Thirty-four couples renewed their vows and dual others were married along a march as partial of a film promotion. “We were already using it, it’s his birthday, it’s Valentine’s Day, so we figured, ‘Why not?’ ” pronounced one curtain clad in a veil, using shorts and pinkish tutu. Los Angeles Times

Billboard warfare: Someone defaced a billboard in Silver Lake in response to trees being cut so that a billboard would be some-more visible. The graffiti read: “Outfront Media hacked a trees so we could see this billboard.” LAist

Lunch spots: There’s a grill reorganization holding place in San Pedro. Coco’s and Carrows, dual tack restaurants in a area, abruptly closed. Coco’s afterwards reopened in a Carrows spot. It’s all partial of a corporate merger. Daily Breeze


Something stinks: Columnist Steve Lopez writes that “disgrace” does not start to report a 12-hour Coastal Commission conference he sat by on a opening of Charles Lester, a now-fired executive director. “What we do trust — as do dozens of elect staffers, stream and former commissioners and watchdogs — is that a unfortunate change is during play in a multiplication of labor and energy between a commissioners and a elect staff. And that change benefited skill owners rather than a public,” he writes. Los Angeles Times

SCOTUS picks: Could state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris find herself on a United States Supreme Court? The 51-year-old attorney, who is now using for a U.S. Senate, is being mentioned as one intensity hopeful in a arise of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Another Californian is also being mentioned — Jacqueline Nguyen, a decider on a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. New York Times

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