Don’t Throw Out Your Jars! Here Are 20 Things To Do With Them Instead

November 23, 2017 - Essential Water

Wellness starts in a jar. These days, many of a superfoods, bulb butters, beauty dusts, and powders we cycle by come encased in cosmetic and potion of several shapes and sizes. Instead of (properly!) recycling your jars after each use, see if a manufacturer has a giveback module that accepts aged ones. If they don’t, cruise essay in and seeking why, afterwards repurposing aged jars into something new entirely. Doing so will get we into a eco-friendly robe of reusing aged items, and it could inspire we to DIY some-more of your home products instead of always shopping them new, that is customarily a healthier, cheaper, and reduction resource-intensive choice. Here are 20 talent jar hacks to assistance kick-start your canned creativity:

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