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December 28, 2017 - Essential Water

John Huismann

R.J. Marx

John Huismann

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This is a bizarre world, both locally and nationally. The purpose of this mainstay is to call your courtesy to a insanity, incite we and maybe advise probable choice solutions.

So, we should approve a 40 percent boost in a H2O bills over a four-year period?

Cannon Beach is a opposite arrange of town. We have maybe 2,500 year-round residents and an additional 30,000-plus in a summertime. Now, where accurately does a problem come up? I’m peaceful to gamble that it isn’t with provision 2,500 people with H2O and sewer. The problem comes with providing a other 30,000 with essential services.

Here’s a novel idea, because not let a visitors recompense a cost of providing those services to them? It could be achieved by lifting H2O rates for all hotels and vacation let units. The choice would be to simply supplement a cesspool and H2O taxation to all hotels and let units. Does this make clarity to you?

Hotels are going to immediately protest that their room taxes are already utterly high, so let’s cruise an alternative. Let’s stop spending room taxation income on imitation promotion to get some-more people here. Use that income instead to account essential services like cesspool and water. We already have some-more visitors than this city can hoop in a summer. Using amicable media to publicize instead will move us some-more visitors than we need and a cost is distant cheaper than imitation advertising.

Do yourself a preference and let your member know where we stand. It is a usually approach to forestall a lift in your already high H2O bills.

On a totally opposite topic, we have to ask because we don’t recompense a city representatives. They give a lot of their time on a monthly basement perplexing to do their best to offer us. It’s not only a meetings they attend, though all of a time that they spend listening to us and scheming for meetings. What is reasonable compensation? I’m not certain yet. What do we think?

Please feel giveaway to respond to what we review here. we can’t guarantee a personal reply, though we will use your thoughts to minister to a sermon here.

John Huismann has lived in Cannon Beach for some-more than 10 years. He’s “almost a native” as he initial changed to Portland in 1976. His knowledge includes years of sales, selling and government of sales forces. Now retired, he wants to inspire sermon on a accumulation of subjects His email is


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