CSKT Water Compact: Process essential to strengthen rights

February 3, 2015 - Essential Water

Our family has managed land and H2O along a Big Hole River in southwestern Montana for over 140 years. we have privately filed many of a strange H2O rights underneath Montana’s adjudication process. This routine is essential to strengthen particular H2O rights and a state’s explain to beneficially regulating H2O within a borders. Water is a many changed commodity and Montana’s claims are being eyed by a sovereign government, downstream states and civic areas.

A timely, extensive and accurate end of a adjudication will be essential to urge a H2O rights. Approval of a 2015 Water Compact by a Legislature and Congress is imperative. Many years of aspiring partnership have left into this compress to grasp a picturesque and applicable outcome for all parties in Montana.

If this compact, fails a clan is compulsory to record by Jun 30 all their claims in Montana and this will embody flows via many of Montana’s rivers. This will chuck a state’s adjudication routine in turmoil, cost millions and devour changed time. The usually winners will be those who wish a H2O and a authorised profession.

I ask that we all follow a lead of a newly shaped organisation of Farmers and Ranchers for Montana in seeking support of a Montana Legislature and a leaders along with Congress to pass this compact. The risk to Montana and all a H2O users is too high if this compress fails.

Jim Hagenbarth,


source ⦿ http://missoulian.com/news/opinion/mailbag/cskt-water-compact-process-essential-to-protect-rights/article_32cd03f1-dce1-5f9f-b175-eec3ae3ca2c7.html

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