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June 6, 2017 - Essential Water

The city instituted an executive state of puncture to promote a H2O ban. Two of a city’s 8 wells were taken offline after a Minnesota Department of Health lowered endorsed levels of PFOS and PFOA — specific forms of perfluorochemical contaminants — in celebration water.

The city has positive residents that city H2O is protected to drink, though taboo non-essential H2O use until a anathema is lifted. Watering lawns and gardens, soaking a car, irrigation, landscaping and regulating a sprinkler complement are all criminialized activities.

Communications coordinator Sharon Madsen pronounced that violating a anathema would acquire residents a ticket.

“We competence emanate citations if we felt it fitting it,” she said. “That competence be if someone regularly ignores a watering ban.”

The city will work with businesses, townhomes and other comforts with involuntary sprinklers to make certain a systems are offline.

As with any rule, there are a some exceptions.

Public Works government partner Adam Moshier pronounced residents can get special permits to H2O any newly planted grass, sod or trees by job 651-458-2808.

The assent is giveaway and will sojourn current until a anathema is lifted.

Madsen pronounced a city is enlivening people to try H2O pity techniques to keep gardens and landscaping abounding — such as regulating bathwater on a garden or implementing a rainwater collection system.

Madsen pronounced cement government areas will be watered as well, to safeguard weed returns.

The dash pad during Highlands Park will sojourn sealed during a anathema as well, and it’s uncertain either dash pad special events will be hold during a watering ban.

In further to distributing bottled H2O to over 120 homes regulating private wells until filtration systems can be installed, a Minnesota Department of Health will exam 240 additional wells for PFOA and PFOS levels around Washington County this spring.

The MDH and MPCA are holding an open residence from 6-8:30 p.m. Jun 7 during Cottage Grove City Hall. There will be a display during 7 p.m.

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