Concord issues H2O restrictions after damaged close found on tank

August 3, 2016 - Essential Water

Authorities in Concord have hermetic off one of a town’s H2O storage tanks and released a anathema on outside H2O use after they detected a damaged close on a tank’s entrance hatch, military said.

The H2O multiplication of a Concord Department of Public Works is conducting tests to safeguard that a H2O has not been infested though pronounced it had hermetic a trickery off from a rest of a H2O supply “out of an contentment of caution.”


Police pronounced a H2O issuing into residents’ homes stays protected to drink.

A H2O dialect worker detected a compromised close during a slight site revisit Monday morning, pronounced Concord Police Chief Joseph O’Connor. The tank is located usually off Route 126 nearby a Walden Pond Reservation.

“We don’t have any denote that anyone got by a hatch,” O’Connor said. “The close was damaged off, though we didn’t have any other denote that someone indeed entered a hatch.”

Because a closure has temporarily reduced a town’s H2O supply underneath already dry conditions, residents are being systematic to preserve H2O by curtailing outside use.

“Due to informal drought conditions total with this poignant H2O complement limitation, patron direct has reached a extent of a accessible H2O supply,” a Police Department wrote on a Facebook page. “Immediate curtailment of all non-essential H2O use is required until serve notice.”


The executive of a dialect was not accessible Tuesday to contend how prolonged a tests — and a H2O restrictions — would last.

The tank, that binds 5 million gallons, is one of dual storage reservoirs that store H2O that is collected from a town’s 6 H2O sources though is not used right away, according to Town Manager Chris Whelan.

Whelan pronounced initial exam formula on a H2O in a influenced tank are approaching Wednesday, though some-more difficult research might take longer.

The H2O restrictions might be in place for a few days, Whelan said. He combined a restrictions might also be continue dependent.

Whelan pronounced a city is assured that a H2O is not infested since military did not find any justification anyone had non-stop a doors to a tank.

“We’re assured that there was no penetration into a H2O system, though we dropped it from a H2O complement as a precautionary measure,” Whelan said. “We’ll get a tests behind tomorrow, and we’re assured they’ll come behind clear.”

The list of H2O restrictions includes a anathema on activities such as watering lawns or stuffing swimming pools. The advisory also instructs residents to revoke their indoor use as most as possible.

The restrictions are enforceable by fines of $50 for first-time offenses and $100 for additional ones.

A mouthpiece for a Massachusetts Water Resources Authority pronounced a group is assisting control a tests though usually in a “neighborly way,” as a subterraneous fountainhead is not a authority’s facility.

Ed Coletta, a orator for a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, pronounced a state group has been told of a closure and is monitoring a situation. The dialect is not concerned in a H2O testing.

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