Comment: Special levies and essential H2O management

August 11, 2016 - Essential Water

Low fibbing areas such as a Fens of East Anglia, a Somerset Levels, and a extended valleys of a vital rivers all need daily supervision of H2O levels to revoke a risk from flooding and drought.

This clever supervision is undertaken by small, locally accountable open authorities called Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs).

IDBs say watercourses, siphon H2O and work weirs, sluices and culverts to assistance urge homes, businesses and infrastructure from flooding and means cultivation and a internal environment.

IDBs have always sought contributions to their work from those who advantage from their activities handling H2O levels, so we review with seductiveness a essay by Cllr Neil Clarke (Drained by drainage levies) per a destiny concerns for their funding.

The Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA) agrees with a call from a District Councils’ Network (DCN) for building a fairer and some-more pure complement and will be gratified to work with councils, IDBs and a Government to assistance rise this further.

Following Cllr Clarke’s article, ADA would like to yield some credentials to readers per these levies and how they now function.

Originally, contributions were collected directly from landowners and those occupying skill within an Internal Drainage District. Occupants of properties (homes and businesses) any paid a unequivocally tiny levy directly to a IDB.

This vast series of tiny payments was administratively unequivocally emasculate so in a 1970s it was motionless that a internal district or unitary government would collect a skill levy alongside rates, and pass a amassed levy payments to a IDB.

For serve efficiency, it was afterwards motionless to collect a skill levy as an normal assign (as it was so small) with a rates (now legislature tax), so that skill occupiers usually had to make one remuneration to a internal authority. Local authorities compensate a sum of a particular skill levies collected to a IDB as a singular remuneration famous as a ‘special levy’ .

It is critical to recognize that a legislature itself conjunction gains nor loses any income from a budgets in this transaction – it is simply a many fit approach of collecting rates when incomparable numbers of tiny levy payments are involved.

However, since of changes to legislature taxation collection, a remuneration now forms partial of a legislature taxation opposite a internal government area rather than only a properties within a Internal Drainage District.


Furthermore, new manners imposed on councils, ensuing in restrictions on legislature taxation increases, have helped to supplement to a myth that a special levy is partial of a council’s budget, when it should be deliberate separately.

ADA agrees with a new matter from a DCN that clearer superintendence on a diagnosis of a special levy is indispensable in sequence to apart out these payments from councils’ possess annual budgets. We are penetrating to work with a DCN and supervision to assistance broach this.

ADA also agrees with a DCN that special levies should be released from a capping criteria now imposed on councils. That does not meant that there will be a riot in lifting special levy rates though it would concede councils, where they know that H2O turn supervision plays a essential purpose in a wellbeing of their internal economies, to continue to support their internal IDBs in a stream mercantile climate.

IDBs count on a special levy to assistance them yield a cost-effective, efficient, internal use in handling H2O where it unequivocally matters to people and a environment. ADA is operative with IDBs to assistance proclaim that use some-more and concede people to know and support a work being finished to revoke a risks of their lives being influenced by flooding and drought.

Ian Moodie is technical manager during a ADA 

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