Column: Candidates should know 5 essential H2O facts

July 29, 2017 - Essential Water

With so most courtesy focused on Prescott’s Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) debt in a coming Prescott City Council election, it’s easy to forget a new legislature will be environment vicious H2O process during their time in office. 

Over a subsequent 4 years, city staff will produce legislature with information and recommendation on technical issues, though legislature members make all final decisions on H2O policy. To do that competently, they contingency know some essential facts:

Safe produce – Fact: We continue to repel some-more H2O from a Little Chino aquifer than we and inlet are putting back. Consequences of overdrafting embody some-more wells going dry, increased pumping and drilling costs, reduced tide flows, and intensity land subsidence. 

Big Chino tube – In and with Prescott Valley and Salt River Project, Prescott is intent in investigate to serve establish a impact of pumping from a Big Chino Water Ranch on a top Verde River. Fact: U.S. Geological Survey and other studies have already shown a due pumping will have a disastrous impact. 

Ultimately, legislature members will need to confirm either slackening to equivalent pumping is applicable and affordable, and either a box for a tube should be put to Prescott voters. Even if a electorate authorized a pipeline, it would be usually partial of a answer. Demand contingency be reduced.

Pipeline alternatives – Fact: There are choice H2O sources nonetheless to be investigated. They embody assertive conservation, approach beverage reuse of effluent, charge H2O runoff collection and endless rainwater harvesting. Council members will confirm either and how most to spend on such investigation.

Conservation – Fact: Outdoor landscaping uses about 27 percent of Prescott’s water. So distant a City of Prescott has been utterly successful in compelling conservation, though some-more stays to be finished to inspire a use of drought-tolerant plants and extent a use of beverage H2O outdoors. It will be adult to a legislature to confirm either to hospital serve incentives and landscaping codes.

Water rates – Fact: Council members will shortly need to almost boost H2O rates in sequence to cover a costs of progressing or replacing aging H2O and cesspool infrastructure. Consideration will need to be given to residents who are already carrying difficulty profitable their water bills. 

Candidates for Prescott City Council should know these 5 essential facts. We are overdrafting a Little Chino aquifer, importation from a Big Chino Water Ranch though slackening will revoke Verde River flow, alternatives to importation have not been investigated, charge should be partial of any solution, and H2O rates contingency be lifted to reinstate aging infrastructure though with care for those who can’t means to pay.

The Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG) will horde a forum on H2O issues for Prescott mayoral and city legislature possibilities on Saturday, Aug. 5, from 10 a.m. to noon during a Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 882 Sunset in Prescott. Candidates will be accessible to plead with a open before and after a forum. Read a questions CWAG will ask a possibilities to plead during

Leslie Hoy is a CWAG media coordinator, a first member, and a Prescott proprietor for 18 years. 

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