Chlorine collision might interrupt H2O supply: RMWB

May 9, 2017 - Essential Water

The municipality is seeking residents to revoke non-essential H2O use after a chlorine collision during a H2O diagnosis plant, according to a Monday afternoon press release.

The municipality has been in hold with Alberta Health Services and there are now no concerns around a reserve or peculiarity of a water. However, a collision could interrupt unchanging H2O services.

“[We] ask that residents equivocate watering their lawn, cleaning their car, stuffing a prohibited cylinder or pool, or any other form of activity that would need a lot of water,” an emailed matter from a municipality read.

“Residents can continue to use H2O for residential applications such as laundry, shower, sanitation, cooking and drinking.”

The conditions started this morning during a H2O diagnosis plant when, during a slight chemical delivery, sodium hypochlorite was accidentially eliminated into a polyaluminum chloride bulk tank, a recover said. The chemical greeting expelled chlorine gas into a air, and as a outcome staff close down a H2O diagnosis plant.

One worker was treated as a prevision for transformation concerns though was uninjured and has been expelled from care.

Staff operative a operations building during a plant were evacuated as a precaution, non-essential staff were relieved of avocation and core staffers are operative during a protected plcae nearby. Municipal reserve member are on-site and will support any investigations required, a recover said. 

Staff are curently operative to revive a diagnosis plant to normal operations, a recover said. Residents and businesses are asked to watch their H2O use while crews work on proxy fixes to say H2O supply.

The municipality could not yield a timeline for restoring unchanging H2O service.  

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