Campus Prepares for Possible Water Service Impacts

June 5, 2018 - Essential Water

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Campus Prepares for Possible Water Service Impacts

City of Atlanta Water Main Repair Map - Potential Affected Area - Jun 4, 2018

Out of an contentment of caution, Georgia Tech Emergency Management and Communications has taken stairs to ready a campus for a probability of a H2O outage tonight in light of indispensable repairs to a City of Atlanta’s H2O lines.

The City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed will correct a vital H2O line commencement tonight between 11 p.m. and midnight. The correct is scheduled to be finished this week and should not negatively impact campus. If all goes according to plan, a campus will work as usual.

In a eventuality a repairs means a poignant detriment of H2O vigour or detriment of H2O use completely, a campus will be sealed and crew will be told by a Georgia Tech Emergency Notifications System (GTENS).

“If GTENS alerts are sent, essential crew who are pre-identified by dialect care should news even if campus is closed,” pronounced Will Smith, executive of Emergency Management and Communications. “If a campus loses water, all non-essential activities will be canceled on campus.”

Those with specialized investigate areas need to make arrangements tonight in a eventuality there is a H2O failure. All lab work and experiments that can be behind should be designed for after in a week or subsequent week.

In a eventuality of an outage, employees are asked to coordinate with dialect care to work remotely. Employees who can work remotely should ready before withdrawal work Jun 4 to work remotely for several days. Toilets won’t be operational, celebration H2O will not be available, and atmosphere conditioning will not be functioning in buildings on campus or via a city.

All who are housed on campus should fill bathtubs and other containers to have H2O on palm to manually flush toilets should there be a detriment in pressure. Plans are underway to immigrate campus residents to circuitously campuses such as Emory University or Kennesaw State University in a eventuality of a finish detriment of H2O to a campus.

Parking and Transportation Services will continue on-campus travel as prolonged as a campus is open.

In a eventuality of an outage, additional instructions and information on campus operations will be common during

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